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The Skull Kid
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  • Yeah! It was fun to have thougher enemies to fight against, and there were lots of them!
    But I wouldn't chooce it as my favorite dungeon. Actually, I don't consider it a dungeon.
    It was incredibly short, it had almost no rooms and there was only one puzzle if I remember right.
    But seeing the OoT sages in the vitrals was one of the best easter eggs ever!
    Yeah, a lot of people say is one of the best dungeons in the Zelda series.
    But I did nothing there. I entered the place and turned off the game, so I really don't know how is the temple.
    What's your favorite temple in the Zelda series?
    I really don't know. I'n not good making choices, so I woul rather say that I like all of them equally :P
    God, I still have to beat MM. The last time I played I stoped right before stepping in the Stone tower temple ><
    The thing is, I don't know what GNU stands for xD I don't like the limit thing ):
    It's a photo editing software and it stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program (:
    I can't believe it - Cartoons logged on today at 7:30 PM ZD time. This is a rare moment in ZD history. :lol:
    Old games FTW! :D
    That's so cool! :D I can barely edit anything on GIMP ): Still getting used to it
    I kind of feel weird having the activity award. I'm on so frequently now, I feel like some one who has absolutely no life. I guess I'm going through a phase. :cat:
    You're welcome :D
    Haha xD That's so cool! :D I say old games can be better than the new (:
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