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Ember Incubus
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  • Here is new updates of 'The Legend of Link - Parallel Universes' (ALTTP hack).....

    Cool.I'm looking forward to playing it.By the way,will you have to download it to play it,or can you just go to the link and start playing it?
    You didn't give me the name.I made a sprite thread,and you posted a sprite of a zelda monster(can't remember which one)and you said you were using it for a fan game.
    Hey,have you finished that Zelda fangame you were working on?If so can you give me a link(lol) so that I can play it?
    Hey Ember!
    Well, I have an idea for the Sages of Hyrule's Arts group. Once a month, we will hold a meeting to discuss literature (sometimes a bookclub), a piece of music (I'll post the song), and art (obviously).
    The meetings themselves will be held on our group page via discussions. And well...yeah. I hope you can come.
    They will be held on the 20th of every month.
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