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  • Well SRS or actually RU SRS means "are you serious". And oh yeah I noticed you changed it after I posted :D
    Oh are you SRS I didnt knew that D: Well...at least your old avatar looked kindly (: But no evil kindly D:
    Gotta love your avatar Link looks kindly:angel: though on your siggy looks kinda mean:devil: LOL:xd:
    I'll get on your avatar! I'll have it done either later today, or tomorrow!
    Hello there, I couldn't help but notice you here on the forums. I especially noticed your thread about this girl. If you need any advice I am here to help. It is really tough liking someone who is into someone else but eventually you can over come it. It has happened. So please accept my friend request and advice.
    As long as you know I wasn't bashing, that's what's important.

    Hope your paper went well. :)
    Concerning your unitarian topic: the intention was not to bash it, just to be as critical of it as we are of everything else in the MD. Sorry if you felt as though it was bashed.

    What's your paper about? If there's any way I can help, I will. :)

    Keep in mind that there are plenty of people on the forums critical of atheism, Christianity, and any other "regular" religion as well. You're not alone. Unfortunately, there just aren't many unitarians on the forum. But your topic was a good one and your contribution was appreciated.

    Again, I apologize on behalf of the MD if you felt unitarian universalism was "bashed."
    For your avy, Well...I don't know how to make "not" crowded. You want all the Oot bosses? or do you want something like Link and Ganondorf.
    I can do that, but ALL the bosses are hard to squeeze into a 100x100 picture.
    Ok, highlight the link I put below the sig, the press
    ctrl+c the go to settings, edit signature, and press the image icon, and press ctrl+v.
    Then press save signature.
    hey, i saw your sig. If you want to play the games you can just download an emulater and some ROM's (the actuall game), its free, and as long as you have a reasonably fast computer itll run fine, www.emulater-zone.com is a good site for emulaters. now ill give you a hint as to where to find good ROM's. The ROM downloads are FREE (apparently its illegal to recomend ROM's so thats why i had to do that)
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