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  • I can be childisher! lol I forgot to mention that the hurricane occurred on one of Saturns Moons! While I was at it, I discovered that Saturn had moons that produced hurricanes!
    I remember that episode of Walker Texas Ranger when he told the kid that he had AIDS. I was a little kid, so yeah. Oh, but to show you how better I am than Chuck Norris, I successfully built a card mansion in a hurricane with one arm tied behind my back while riding a unicycle! Haha!
    It's okay. I wasn't offended at all. I don't really know much about India, ironically lol. My dad's from Sri Lanka, and I've never actually been there and I've never really done too much research on it. I have seen some documentaries about India and the water thing, and it's true...not at all offensive.
    Nah, not too much. I've honestly seen some pretty bad stuff from people who actually think they're right. You, however, don't come across as such. :)

    And yes, cheers to no more typos!
    A moderated group means that the people who are allowed to join are regulated by the group leader. The current leader is Hero of Spirits, but Hero of Spirits is never really online anymore. I can invite you to the group, though, seeing as how I'm a super moderator. You should be able to accept the request in your "Settings" in the top right. It may even display under Notifications.
    I've seen a lot of you here on the forums, and you seem nice enough. Do you really consider it an honor to get a FR from me? I'm curious...
    True enough. Nolan is like a prodigy; pretty much since he started directing, he's been making gems.
    As for inspiration, not really 'inspiration,' per se. I have several favorite filmmakers - Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams, The Coen Brothers, Spielberg, etc, but I don't really have anyone I'd like to emulate. I figure being original can get you a long way. ;)
    Y'know... I just now realized that your name is "SinkingBadges" not "StinkingBadges" XD

    My bad -.-
    Nope, you totally could have made it up. I'm just shaking my head at myself for thinking it might have been actual. -.- Whoops~
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