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  • Well if you are like me, as I am an old school metalhead, I would recomend Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, and some albums of Metallica. Here is an example of Iron Maiden, this song happens to be my favorite of their songs. It's called Hallowed be thy Name, it is about a prisoner that is about to be executed but it is much more complex and melodic than just that description.
    Yeah I agree, all Zelda games are amazing so it's hard to pick a favorite. Now time for another question, whats's your favorite band?
    Thanks man! And don't worry about it! I welcome all the newbies(the ones I notice anyway, since I an't be here 24/7), and yet there have been only.... like four people who've replied back.
    O_O ACK! Nononononononono! I am NOT a theorist! I REFUSE to be called that! (Haha.) Yeah, I'm no theorist, I just know a lot about Zelda. I really don't like theory that much at all. Fun little things that are worth discussing in Zelda are cool, but I hate these off-the-wall ideas that seem to come out of nowhere.
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