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  • Aw, i'm sure you'll find some! And if you do want to read mine, the links for both of them are in my sig. I reccomend starting with "the Hero of Spirits" because "the Hero of Spirits- Second Journey" is a continuation. :nod: But I'd love to read your fanfic, if you ever do write one!
    I've been fine, thanks! I finished my fan fiction and I'm five chapters in to my next one. Other than that, there isn't much new with me.
    Thanks. It's actually a name I created to use on Zelda Universe. I love Chu-Chu's and was thinking of Spirit Tracks. BAM! There's my name.
    Why thank you very much Lupine~ ^^ I appreciate the compliment...makes me happy to hear! :zelda:
    Same! it's so much fun to look for things like that! :nod:

    Well, it was fun talking to you again, but I need to log off now. Talk to you later! :wave:
    Apparently, the "Book of Mudora" from A Link to the Past is on the table in Impa's house. I've spotted it in at least 3 other locations too, including the old lady's potion shop and the Skultula House.
    I see. And it's okay, don't worry about it! ^^
    I got OoT3D the day it released here in the US. I'm almost done Master Quest :)
    I love it! The visuals are amazing and it plays incredibly well! Pus, there's all the fun easter eggs. If you do get it, you won't regret it!
    Definately! :nod: Well, I'm done dinner, so what next.....
    Oh! Did you get Ocarina of Time 3D?
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