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  • Actually, I'm making myself some rice so I don't have to eat those disgusting sloppy joes :sick: x 10
    I left the table because they smell disgusting too. My rice is being microwaved :)
    Nice! Ah... I love the oldies! That's the truely good stuff in my opinion. :nod: Stuff like The Beatles, The Association, the Edgar Winter Group...

    Oh, I have dinner now. Brb!
    Yup! I, for one, like the oldies! And rock. And symphonic metal. What about you? What kind of music do you listen to?
    Thanks! :)I was trying to go for that "some sort of ancient painting" feeling, actually. I can see it worked ^^
    I got the picture:
    Cool! I drew a dragon once. Want me to show you? I can get a picture up.
    Also, I'd like to see your dragon when it's finished. :)
    Lol, yeah, I guess it sounds weird. I'm only in distress because of what my family's making for dinner tonight: sloppy joes! D:
    *insert dramatic music that is suited for a moment of impending doom here*
    Yes, but those two are especially interesting to me. I mean, MM was unexpectedly heavy-themed for a Zelda game. They're always dark, yes, but it was a more personal kind of dark. WW (in my opinion) seemed to give something to those who played OoT. I played it as a kid, so it was very... how to say it, affecting, to know THAT happened to a place I had grown to know as much as OoT's Hyrule. It's mostly personal reasons, I guess.
    Well, I've always had problems deciding. I think Wind Waker equals Majora's Mask in depth. But they've got very different kinds of depth, so I can't call either better.
    Oh, and I forgot, which Zelda game is your favorite? It seems to be a routine question over here. And as they say "Where you go, do as everyone else".
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