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  • Yo hi nice to meat you I like rare zeldas what about you will you be my friend talk to me sometime.
    It's possible to get the Hover Boots as Child Link, but I'm not sure if you can do it with the method in the video. It seems like he's glitching using the Crooked Cartridge trick, but I have no idea how he crosses that pit at the beginning with a spin attack.
    Sounds fun! :) Mine was alright. It was kind of.. underwhelming since I didn't do much other than sit around and play video games. :P That still beats going to school though. I went to the PNE (Amusement Park in Vancouver, in case you didn't know) and... that's about it.
    Hey. Wow, your list is very long and detailed! I'll PM it too you sooner because I still have some finishing touches to add on.
    Haha yeah, it does. It's really fast ~~

    Well i've been making a list but now all I need to do is organise it. Like make different sections if you know what I mean. But how do I send the list to you? Do i just VM it to you or PM..?
    Hey Blizzy, i'm back and now and I got Windows 7, it's really fast :D

    So sorry for the delay, are we still up for the article or are you doing it with Majora16 now?
    Hey McBlizzy,
    Just to let you know, Majora'sMask98 is my best friend in real life, and her computer just broke, she wanted me to tell you that she will also be working on the article just like Majora16 as soon as it gets fixed.

    Thanks for reading, OP.
    Yeah, that's a good idea. That way I won't be writing down all the same reasons as you.
    Hey, I'm going to start writing my list of why MM is the best on Wednesday or Thursday and I'll send it to you right away! I've been quite busy lately. My birthday was yesterday and I've been busy checking out my gifts and spending time with the family. Anyways, you'll have the list soon! :)
    Heh, Thanks...Um...I'll put it in Step Format.

    1. Copy the link below the sig. Then go to your settings

    2. Click "Edit Signature"

    3. Backspace your original sig

    4. Then hit the little Image tab

    5. Paste the link, then hit okay.

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