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  • Hey, I think I sent you a message... Private one that is. I am not sure it went through though, because i have never actually used the Private Messages system.Can you tell me if it went through ?
    My profile picture is actually from a manga I have been reading called MeruPuri, but i also do watch Vampire Knight.
    Haha, yes, same ^^ Yes, Majora's Mask is the best one in my opinion, glad you agree with me. Then Ocarina of time. What one is your least favourite?
    Hey McBlizzy, i read what you said about Death Note on Pocket Asians profile, and i saw that you said you liked death note. Me too!:P I'll send you a friend request and i hope you accept.
    You're welcome. Hmmm. I'm trying to think of a joke that goes with this conversation, cause that's what i do here on ZD, but I got nothing.
    Yes, it is Light Yagami. You could probably also tell since my user title says, "I'll take a potato chip." Too bad I couldn't fit "and eat it." =/
    Yep, that way the post will show up when you click "View Conversation" at a person's username.

    Yeah, all you have to do is spin the Control Stick and then press the C-Button the Great Fairy Sword is assigned to.

    Also, you don't have to quote the person. I only quoted you to cause less confusion ^_^
    "The Great Fairy Sword - "The strongest sword of them all" but I found it very impractical since it took up a C item spot. Also I don't believe you could charge it up either! Could you even do a spin attack?"

    I don't feel like posting in that thread, so I'll post the answer in a VM. The Great Fairy Sword, I believe, could not be charged, but you were still capable of doing a spin attack.

    One other thing. Its easier for the visitor to see new messages from you if you post it on their page. Just a heads up. Its a common mistake made by new members, which I see you are one. Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon forums.
    Hiyas! I'm currently playing the Spirit Tracks right now, almost done! =D

    I'm so stoked for the Skyward Sword! I'm really looking forward to the new control system! The graphics look like a cross between Twilight Princess and the Wind Waker, and I really loved the graphics in the Wind Waker!

    I have a lot of expectations and theories of the Skyward Sword, how about you?
    Which Zelda games have you played and which one is your favorite?
    Hai, welcome to zelda dungeon. Have fun and enjoy your stay. So, which game you are playing recently? What do you think about new Zelda - Skyward Sword?
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