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  • Okay, thats awesome!
    I'll send you the link a little later, i can't right now because my grandparents are over T_T
    Hey i send a message to you about some signature but i am not sure if it reach you cause my internet crashed when i sended it so ill send it again OK
    Cool~! Well my sister made you one already just as practice because she's just starting out on photoshop (and she's good)
    And her and I made you one with Zero and Majora's Mask in the picture. I'll send it to you soon if you want to see it.

    I'll get my sister working on it, I think she knows Kingdom Hearts :)
    Hey, Blizzy..
    I was wondering if you wanted a signature, because I asked my sister if she could make you one, and she did. Just let me know if you want it ^^
    Yes! That's a great idea! I've always thought of writing an article of that sort too. I just love writing looooong posts about how much I love MM. I do like OoT but not nearly as much as MM. I always end up bashing OoT and all the OoT fanboys start getting angry at me. D:
    And yeah, I love Tingle. People don't like him because he's weird but I think the weirder the better. :P
    heh...sorry about that....stupid me :dry:
    anyways, just check my graphics thread.
    It will give you details on what you want.
    NO!!!! MCBLIZZY!!!! I KILLED HER!!!! (does cpr) no (sobs) nooooooo!!!!!
    Back to Reality
    Yeah, what do you want on it?
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