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  • Mases

    Flex is back... you might've already known that info.

    he starting BS with stella again

    we were hopeing he'd stay off. However, that isn't the case.

    could you talk to him, ban him or something. he's driving stella and me nutzoid.

    Now I dont want you bursting out of a cake naked now Mases.... :p I know how much youd want to do that but no.


    Ta for the birthday wishes though :D x x
    Remember this?
    Twili, I put the big line to lengthen my message. I don't need to now because it is already long enough.
    I cant find that threaD.
    *looks in the 'Weirdest Place you've Done it' thread ( on LoZ )*

    On an aeroplane Mases? C'mon, I thought you had class xD
    I'M yojoel333 i'm new do you work her?
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