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    Im i watcher of your Zelda Walkthrough Vids im i have had to stop because u have not gone on in Zelda 2 why have u stopped making them?
    hey mases i made an new poll wanna check it out?
    Mases, long, long time no speak huh? XD
    hey man i just read your post...i also found the cave of ordeals difficult. but unlike you, i never used the magic armor but only my 2 potions...the gold one and the fairies potion. and it was a good thing you didnt go out and then back in the Cave of Ordeals because if you had, the first 2 darknuts that were alone would have been 3 and the 3 darknuts would have been 4. talk about hard...but it was easy once i figured out a strategy...i lured 1 of the darknuts toward my position and stayed as far away as possible of the other darknuts until i killed that 1, then i would continue on as so. and i feel you when you get to the end of it. i mean come on...you go through 50 levels of almost never-ending onslaught and all you get is a potion...kind of odd dont you think? well anyway, i just wanted to respond to your post and say good luck with the walkthrough!
    Hey were you the one on the AZ Podcast (may) ? I dont know if its you or not but your name looks like the one said in the podcast... if you are pm me
    If i own another videogame website does it make my name go down as fansite owner?
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