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  • Oh, finding a job is always a piss...
    I have a part time, but it took a long while to get it
    You haven't been around much, lately, have you?
    Miss talking to ya.
    BTW, I got a PS2 so now I can play FF:P

    I'm currently playing FFX, my favroite
    My heart totally stopped when I read your signature.
    I love Sanitarium! It's the best song on the album after Master of Puppets. It's even better live. ;)
    hey, thought I should let ya know I won't be around much. I have some things in my life that will keep me.
    Hello there friend! It's great to be on here! I want to thank you for telling about this site!
    I see you're unbanned now...what happened??

    I love the new profile pic, did you draw that?
    Why? Why are You still here with me?
    Didn't You see what I've done?
    In my shame I want to run,
    And hide myself.
    Yeah, but it's here I see the truth,
    I don't deserve You.

    But I need You to love me,
    And I, I won't keep my heart from You this time.
    And I'll stop this pretending that I can,
    Somehow deserve what I already have
    I need You to love me
    Hey, I'm really sorry I couldn't be on this morning....I had to go with my sibs to get flue shots...>_<
    You know....I really hate it when people just leave without saying anything....why did you just leave on me like that?? *is really sad*
    wats up ? this is not felicia my name is bob and im here hacking her profile for now until i get caught, duh....obviously!
    thnx flex, but i wasn't alking about meeting in person an RPing.... me bluelink, and HH the other day were roleplaying ON THIS SITE by useing the 3rd and 1st person chatting... perhapes if you'd like to hear what happened....meet me in the Shout box at 10:30 American time.... that's like 11:15 or something on this site.
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