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  • nope this is my very first time.i just bought my x box last night...do you have any idea how i can get to the acount management
    Wait, so you can't redeem your gamercard? Have you redeemed it on another X-BOX?

    And no you can't get it back.
    Well if you already went to redeem code and entered the code correctly then the only problem I could find is that the card has probably already been redeemed.
    Actually I had to cancel my pre-order since I got a better deal with Amazon plus Super Street Fighter IV for only 10 bucks. My brother got his though I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. But I got the chance to use it and it is amazing. The 3D was not what I expected but who cares it's the games that matter not the gimmick but it was still good. It's more of an allusion from what I saw like over lapping images instead of popping out in your face like a 3D movie. But it was still amazing. It's money well spent with all it's hardware. Best piece of tech I've ever seen.
    My name is Joey008. I'm level 25. I registered your code, so once you register mine, you will appear under my friends list and whenever we're online together, we can play a match.
    yeah, there are different prices on the headsets depending on what you get, if you get an off brand like mad cats it will cost you about $10, the official headset is $20 and the official wireless head set is $50, im saving up for the wireless one because i broke my headset that came with my elite.
    Hi, nice to meet you. I would have answered you earlier, but, my computer had some water damage and I couldn't get on the internet. My FC is 216358693785. I will try to add you soon!
    Hey there! Mine is 2291-6794-4284. Under the friends menu, enter my code, and when I enter yours, we will be able to play together online, and form a party. What level are you?
    Hi there!
    Thanks for the message you left me. I have only just got back online to the forums so have now replied. Yeah everyone has been a great help. Hoping to catch a fish tonight!
    Yes you can the only Hidden Skill the game forces you to learn is the Ending Blow all other Hidden Skills can be skipped.
    lol funny how i just posted that thread not long ago and then thinking what if posts on visitor message and then bam notification in the top left. maybe were twins lol
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