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  • Happy birthday Mikau, we made some fishcake

    Hello! I'm fine, how are you doing? It must be very chilly in Hungary at this time....(aw, I want to be there!) There aren't really a lot of special places to visit during Christmas, but if you are looking for some fun, you can go on the trails near the forests where it is hilly, and take a sled or even a bubble wrap with you and just slide down the hills. This is a great way to spend time after it has snowed. I'm not quite sure where I used to go as a kid, but there is some great spots for this in the II. kerület. They might have some festivals in town too, maybe something in the Millenáris.

    To let you in on some things that are different about Christmas in Hungary is that we celebrate St. Nick's or Mikulás as known over there on Dec. 6th. Children usually get their presents on Dec. 24th, on Christmas Eve, and it is said that the baby Jesus brings the presents(or Jézuska). Then, a week later near new year's, don't be suprised if you see some pigs around. Pigs are considered to be lucky animals, and thought to dig up fortune for the new year.
    No, but we do play against them in sports a lot. I'm at the International Christian School of Budapest. There is one more international school called GGIS, but I don't remember what it stands for. Our school is right in center of Diosd and I live about 1.5 kilos away close to Erd.
    By any chance, are you going to the International American School of Budapest( or something close to that name?) My cousins live nearby that place, and it is the only one I have heard of before.
    Unfortunately, I'm in the states again, and started high school here, though I really am homesick.. :( Ah well, this is life. I'm glad you are doing okay in Hungary though, but if there is any trouble you have with the language I am happy to help! :)
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