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  • That'll learn you not to leave your computer screen on at night. It attracts bugs.

    Haha, thanks. ^^
    Yes, but not as often, I was on a few days ago. I checked and you weren't at the time.
    You're welcome and no problem! :D
    I like your profile pic. :lol:

    I sent you a friend request. :)
    xd you got a 3ds at christmas? my parents never want to give me things like that at Sinterklaas (a dutch holiday/few weeks actually) or at my birthday :/
    yes I thought the same, the graphics were awesome, places like the sealed ground and temple were really my style, but I loved the reality of TP as well, and in the beginning I didn't care about that, but later in the game I sometimes started to miss it.
    The temples had a great system in SS, when you finished a puzzle, next time you were just able to skip that part of the temple. The temples weren't really mazes anymore.

    I would love to buy uprising, but I think the 3DS is just too expensive, I have the money to buy it, but I don't want to spend so much money for it.
    I bought it a while ago, it was a pretty nice game. I liked some of the themes more than in other zelda games, but at the other side, I kind of miss the twilight princess graphics
    Hey moblin, Lets continue our conversation with 6months delay every message xd

    How have you been doing?
    you're right about that :xd:, after so many times of making new friends I've really become a master of making friends very quick!
    btw, in wich year are you know? I'm now going to my exam year
    :D hi moblin, that was quite a while ago, lately I hear a lot from people I used to know here, usually they say something like "how are you doing", but I think your "hows life been" fits a lot better after 9 months xd

    well, it's going alright now. I just got summer vacation, and next year will be my exam year :) the only thing I dislike now is that most of my friends have to re-do this year xd so I have to make new friends agains next year.. (every year in the last 8 years, I went to an entirely new class, but it's just so irretating to make new friends every year again, and lose most of your friends you just made...)

    and how are you doing?
    You have 100 messages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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