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  • Do we even need a formal proposal anymore? It's been pretty much set in stone since... forever. c: But I still look forward to it! It will be special no matter what. <3 Even if it was that visitor message.
    Your user title made me laugh.
    Thank you for buying me dinner, it is very yummy!

    Luv u so much thanks for the best day ever!!! ;-; <3
    That's understandable. I'm still checking out various political views, but libertarianism seems to be my preferred view.

    I can understand stretching out posts. I take pride in posts, and try to make them lengthy as well. I actually use to emulate you and Djinn, but I think I sometimes pad too much. I can relate entirely - we all change.
    I agree. People won't always agree, but both sides should be civil - you held up your side.

    No problem. You actually answered the question within the parameters more than the others, so I'm content.
    I'm not entirely sure what's up with Laz's thread on the president and whatnot, but I agreed with you all the way - in both your response to the thread, and to the OP. I really wish I could have replied to the thread, but I'm happy you were there to say what I was thinking.
    Ugh, don't remind me about that. That was just embarrassing. As annoying as I find some of the premises from Laz to be, they're still better than THAT.
    But I love that song! ;~;

    Oh well, to each his own. Genesis is kind of a hit or miss thing with me, too. It's either I love a song from them, or I don't.
    Hey there, Hanyou. It's been awhile since we've spoken but I've noticed an interesting development on your profile.

    Who is that in your profile picture? That guy seems vaguely familiar.
    On the political spectrum, I'd say you and I are practically identical (I sway to the left on some instances, though). I advocate autonomous thinking and living, that I don't need a government to outline my entire life and decisions. However, I do see the necessity of a Federal Government unifying all fifty states. Without it, we would be in a convoluted mess (see Articles of Confederation).

    I've deliberated the idea of a universal healthcare feverishly; it's one of the few topics that I don't have a clear answer for. Compulsory taxation (yes, an oxymoron) for frivolous government funding is something I'm strictly against, as it is the literal action of the government taking your money and deciding what to spend it on for you. And like you, something like military defense is not frivolous, so I have no problem with the government taking funds out of my pay-check for its funding.

    However, something irks me about the idea of a universal healthcare. Maybe it's just me being selfish, but the idea of the government taking money out of my pay-check to fund someone's medical bill seems unwarranted (dare I say extortion?). I think that every human being should have the right to the best possible medical treatment at an affordable rate, but I don't think I should be forced to pay for it. Is that wrong of me?

    Thanks for responding, I asked you because I feel that we're pretty identical in our political ideology, so I wanted to get your two-cents on the matter.
    Do you believe in universal healthcare? And this is simply out of genuine curiosity, as I've been thinking about the subject a lot lately.
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