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  • hey im only 27. i only listened to phil collins era genesis! we got a lot in common man, i love prog. how hard was it not to mention Rush that last message. i listened to a LOT of Dream Theater in my day. love it man, every album is different, i just recently hurd their newest one and it was pretty heavy i like it! My favorite band is Coheed and Cambria, so i would say Prog is pretty close to my heart! im gonna have to check out the moody blues and Spock's Beard. my dad listened to Kansas, which is responsible for my love of Prog. as far as yes, i just found them really weird. i first hurd of Yes when the lead singer of one of my all-time favorite bands Thrice said he had been listening to it a lot during the creation of the Alchemy Index, i tried it out and just couldnt get into em!

    what other music you listen too man!
    DUDE WHO ARE YOU! i would really like to talk to you, it seems you are a more adult character, but dont know. i feel old here! but i read this:

    What I DO see evidence of is a divided fanbase. This doesn't happen too often with games.......(Gabriel-era Genesis is a completely different animal than Collins-era Genesis, post Wind and Wuthering).

    no young buck would make a comment like that!
    Hah thanks! You're probably one of the few here that I can say with complete honesty that you have excellent tastes in music. Try listening to their song Yarilo and not bounce along. I'm pretty sure it's impossible.
    Hello, Hanyou. I apologize for not responding to you in the Shoutbox earlier. I was caught up replying to a blog post and completely forgot about your question. One of my negative habits I need to purge is sporadically leaving and dropping a conversation.

    I'll concede that Link's Awakening is a better game than the Oracle duo, however, I found it ultimately unsatisfying. There's an issue of bias to take into account though as I had not played the game until I downloaded it from the 3DS eShop last year.

    My biggest complaint with the game is the lack of dungeon variety although that's completely understandable given the hardware restraints. The narrative wasn't too interesting either although minor characters undertook a greater role than in the first three Zelda games. This would be the ground work for even better, more developed NPCs in the N64 classics. That said, what I'll remember Link's Awakening most fondly for is the highly useful companion character that is Bow Wow. Having a serviceable chain chomp by Link's side rendered the romp through Koholint Island worthwhile.
    I opened up this week's reading for my Philosophy class and it was Judith Jarvis Thomson's "Defense of Abortion", which I had already read thanks to your thread. Thanks for inadvertently keeping me ahead of the curve. =P
    Nah, my dad was driving; I'm not even old enough to drive yet. :P

    Based on how quickly I adjusted to Scenes From a Memory, hopefully I'll be able to get into Awake somewhat fast. Looking forward to listening to it.

    I was probably able to ease into it so well because I loved it immediately, and I had been listening to a ton of Dream Theater beforehand. I bought it on iTunes a few days ago because I read it was great, and I definitely read correctly. The music definitely paints a picture very well. It's pretty cool, because in Metropolis, Pt. 1 they say: "Somewhere like a scene from a memory,
    there's a picture worth a thousand words." I love how that correlates with not only the title and cover of Scenes From a Memory, but the entire atmosphere of it.

    I don't have much Rush yet. The only full album I have right now is 2112. I especially love the title track, the ballad Tears, and the more uplifting Lessons. However, I also have a few individual songs by Rush, but not their entire corresponding albums: The Spirit of Radio, The Trees, YYZ, and Tom Sawyer. What I've heard so far of Rush is great though, so I'll be looking to buy more of their music as well.

    I like some symphonic music a lot, such as Metallica's S&M album, so I'll be sure to give Symphony X a shot. I also love mythology, so if their music has those themes I should enjoy it that much more. Thanks for the links. :)
    I'll check out Awake. If Images and Words and Scenes From a Memory are their only albums you like more than it, it must be pretty damn good.

    Other prog bands? Pretty much just Rush; I haven't looked into many other bands since I've been so into Dream Theater. I think I've heard a few songs from Symphony X, though I couldn't tell you what they were. I'll look into some of their stuff, especially if they're comparable to DT.

    Yeah, it kinda sucks that most people aren't into DT. They're an absolutely brilliant band, in my opinion. And of course I have the Scenes From a Memory avatar. :bleh: I fell in love with the album over the weekend; I went on a bit of a roadtrip to see a football game Saturday, and on the ride there I listened to the entire album without interruption and my eyes closed; it was amazing - like watching a movie. DT is legendary.
    I currently own Images and Words, Scenes From a Memory, Train of Thought, Octavarium, and Black Clouds & Silver Linings; I love almost all of it. A few songs here and there are rather mundane, but they certainly have numerous masterpieces. Scenes From a Memory in its entirety is a beautiful story, though I particularly enjoy the penultimate and final song: The Spirit Carries On and Finally Free, respectively. Images and Words is fantastic as well, especially Pull Me Under and The Miracle and the Sleeper.

    Their newer stuff definitely varies in quality much more often. The final three songs of Train of Thought are fantastic in my opinion; Vacant is a nice melody that leads into the wondrous instrumental Stream of Consciousness, and they're both followed by In the Name of God, a song with a great theme. Octavarium is pretty good, though Panic Attack is the only song that gets frequent replays from me. Black Clouds & Silver Linings is overall pretty good. I love A Nightmare to Remember in particular, especially the softer portion of the song towards the middle. Wither is a nice mellow tune, and The Best of Times is a bit more uplifting and well-composed.

    I also enjoy the song A Change of Seasons a lot. It tells a good story and delivers a great message in doing so.

    I've been looking to get my hands on more of their albums. I like how their music is always sounds so complete; the instruments flow very well together and form one profound composition. Petrucci is a wizard on the guitar, and he's always fun to listen to, whether it be a solo or gradually progressing riffs. I just really enjoy their music in general: their fantastic instrumentation sets the tone marvellously, and the lyrics correlate with it nicely while simulatenously telling a story. I love it.
    No problem.

    But I do have to ask you, what are your favorite Pokemon anime and videogame generation? I'd have to say Gen I and the original anime. I'm such a traditionalist.
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