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  • Aha, yes. The Count of Tuscany has rather silly lyrics. The instrumental easily puts it into my favorites, though.
    Congrats on achieving the Golden Fro award; you truly deserved it! :D Have a nice day!
    That's good. It's just that, whenever I see those kind of big words, I tend to get a bit nervous :sweat: So, sorry about that.
    I love it too, but I have to admit that I'm kinda afraid to show that I like MLP. It's weird that I like Spongebob and not afraid to show it, but with MLP, it's different.

    I also didn't mean to anger anyone. Hope that didn't anger you or anyone.>.>
    Nice to see you too! It's been awhile!

    Awake is currently my favorite next to Images and Words and uhh... The rest of the amazing discography! I can't choose. I listened to SfaM once and I think it's going to have to take a few listens to fully get into.

    I love Space Dye Vest, it's such a great final Moore song. I love Silent Man, I listened to it like 10 times yesterday. It's a really great song for sure, I love how soothing it is. Innocence Faded is great but my favorite rocker on the album is Lie, I find my self singing that song way too often.

    I can see 100% where you're coming from, but I personally enjoyed how it ended with that. To me it set it apart more as a darker album. But it definitely should have ended with Scarred.
    Hey Han! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I just came to say that Awake is definitely the best DT album in my eyes next to Images & Words of course. It took a bit of getting used to, but I think Kevin Moore's Space Dyed Vest is one of if not the most beautiful song I have ever listened to.
    My parents had this amazing record collection that had all sorts of great stuff from the early 60s to mid 70s. I received a quality musical ecucation at an early age.
    Haha no problem. Stream of Consciousness is a fantastic instrumental; I think it's great for both inspiration and opening up the imagination - exactly what an instrumental should do. Train of Thought isn't DT's best album, but it's still pretty good nonetheless. For me, Dream Theater is like the Zelda series; there are the better albums and the worse albums, but in the end, I love them all. DT's just a great band.
    so you not an everyday checker of this site. i was hopeing to hear your answer today, if i dont hear from you by christmas, have a very merry christmas!
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