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  • Dragons are soo fascinating!! I know exactly how you feel. When I read a book which grabs me I feel like I'm taken away far far away from my reality and then when I return to real world I feel like no problem can get to me anymore. This mainly happens with very great epic books
    I know! When I read LOTR it felt like I was on a longtime holiday and when I finiashed the book it was like nothing was the same anymore
    Wait till you get further :lol: But it is also a good sign ;) It means you are really working on it ;)
    You need your sleep and tomorrow is another day we will have fun at the games :lol: I wish you a great sleep my buddy!!
    It was getting crazy :lol: I posted only a few sec after the one before me posted and I got ninja'd :lol: But times like this makes it only more fun ;) And you were waiting silently till you got the change to post :P
    Hahaha me to you too! You are really cool and fun :) And between the ninja'd time you were the silent one who conquered :lol:
    Hoy here Frigidblade!!
    (A little late, but) welcome to the forums (anyway)!! :D

    Thanks for joining my OoT3D group!!
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