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  • Your character made her appearance! I updated the story and added you in it! Take a look and tell me what you think :)
    :lol: No? Wait till your character arrives :P I start to get some inspiration again now :P Ohb you had the same problem as I had! When i was replying to something my internet broke and yup I had to wait for a while till it was back up. I tell you it is a conspiracy :P The PC's want us to buy laptops :lol:
    I myself saw two copies of Shadow Dragon at my local GameStop, and one copy of Radiant Dawn, but I agree on the issue that these games are hard to get. I usually buy my video games on Amazon.com, because you can buy the games in great conditions there. They might be a little bit used, but you can get a copy of Radiant Dawn for a good price there. You should definitely check it out!;)
    She is Micaiah, from Radiant Dawn. I had also learned about Fire Emblem from SSBB, and Shadow Dragon was the first game I played. Ever since then, I have gotten Radiant Dawn, which actually turned out to be my favorite game of all time. I am encouraging you to get the game and its sequel, since they are just simply amazing! The graphics, story, everything is just awesome about FE9 and FE10. I guess I will send you a friend request.... it is nice to meet people who enjoy this series. :)
    Mine is slow as well but has not crashed since I bought it a year ago. I hate it suddenly turns off the internet. But I guess it is his way to tell me: Nah nah! :lol:
    Yeah I missed you! Normally you were always on but then you were gone for a while. i thought it was school or finals but it is this silly PC. Thanks for laptops :P
    Arthur can't fight a dragon leader :P He will not win this battle :lol:
    Hello, I have seen you around Zelda Dungeon for some time now, and guessing by your current signature, you like Fire Emblem, correct? :)
    It was ridiculous! Internet was gone witho0ut a warning and then I saw on my screen the connection is broken message and then I knew it was happening again.... And not just once but days in a row. Finally it is all working properly now but I had to call to my provider and they checked. Yeah Arthur is about to raise his sword against me :P So you had troubles as well??? Don't you just hate it when PC's are trying to frame you with their silly strikes :P
    You are right. I must update my story. I started to loose track on it when my internet was crashing on me days in a row. It turned out to be my provider. I will try to add a new chapter tonight so I can keep it going. At least Arthur must get away now :P He must be angry with me
    Same basically. Im hopeing for a day off tomorrow. :P
    Its the worst time of year ever... But meh, not much we can do, right? :P
    What are you up to? :3
    Hahah, not a problem. ^^

    Ive been busy. I got Finals coming up. x'3
    Hahaha well it is always hard for me to stay angry :P I just don't like to spill energy at this. So how are you? Are you in your final year or did you just start college?
    Exactly ;) That is why I never pay attention to it that much. It is useless to be angry about things you can't turn back.
    Don't worry ;) I believe I haven't replied to you sooner so I am the one who should appologize. I had a rough week but you know, bad times always end ;)
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