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  • I had a link to it in my siggy but then I got the message my siggy was too big :( Maybe I should make the main pic smaller and add the text. You better support me because you are going to become one of the main characters :P :lol:
    Thank you for the nice comment :) I try to feel the characters and how they would feel in the situation they are in. I think in the next upcoming chapters your character is going to be introduced
    I'm doing fine :D I updated the story and added one of the sign up characters to it. And how are you?
    I will definitely ask your help or what you like the best ;) Yes the Dragons I have in mind are going to play a key part in the story. I just got some more ideas! Hahahaha!

    Okay my friend, I hope you'll have a great day today and talk to you later!
    You are not the first one who said this ;) I know more have told me this. I once wrote (and finished) a story about a Little orc who was good (orcs are bad creatures in LOTR) and people liked it. I am updating my story tomorrow because you inspirered me ;) It is fun to have characters to work with. And I agree with you about dragons. The ones I will use are everything but dumb. They will be great and like teachers
    Volvagia was one of my most fav bosses!!! But you will love Valoo! He is in the WW and he is a good dragon! I love him so much and he is what a dragon also can be like. Not evil as they are often descriped (the ones in my story won't be bad or good either but you will see)
    I will ask you for advice!! I added the first chapter a way back but I will start with the next chapter soon ;) Hahha you know your character so you are very helpful in case I need to know more ;)
    And I'm even allergic to cats and dogs :lol: But Dragons...they are really fascinating and maybe because they are large and spit fire etc. You know, I really wished they exist even though it would be dangerous still I would love to see them. And we both know the dragon in WW wasn't evil or bad ;)
    You don't wanna know yet but my story will have dragons in it so how did you know??? I'm going to update it and now I can give your character a place!!! No you will see :P
    I always loved dragons. they are sooo fascinating. Their wings and the fire they spit. I just can't and refuse to see them as dumb creatures.
    You should read LOTR!!! It is amazing! One of the most fascinating books ever written! I didn't watch the movies before I read the books
    Hahah Me too!! I always love fantasy the most! Maybe because of the world or things which would possibly never happen in here but I love fantasy so much! Dragons are my most fascinating species and I love them!
    :lol: Once a book grabs me I don't even hear a phone going off when it lies next to me :lol: That must be a sign the book is very good
    That is true! And it is amazing how time flies while reading a book! I remember when I read LOTR I was taken completely and kept on reading even in the middle of the night! But it was all worth it :D
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