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  • HEYYYY!!! Hahaha now I haven't talked to YOU in a while either :P A friend of mine is going through a very difficult time. His mother is hospitalized and is fighting cancer. They discovered it last week :(
    I'm going to work on my story and will try to add more sign up characters in it so who knows...maybe you will soon make an appearance ;)
    I'm likeing it so far. Its a pretty cool place. :D
    Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. ^^;

    Whats up? How are you? :)
    I like the rain and storm too! I like the sun but I'm not a sun person. I love Fall the most. Even when it snows it is all beautiful but I rather like storm and rain. Weird, I know :P
    I live in a water area with many beaches. I like the sunset. Me and my brother often go to the beach in the evening during Spring and Summer because of the boats and the beautiful sunset.
    You should go when it is raining :lol: Or is it dry when you arrive at the Beach? :P
    We had a huge lot of snow in December but now we have rain the whole time. And stormy weather. I live near the beach so I love to watch the sea during the storm
    What??? So that's why you are invisible!!! I never heard you say that :P Now I will keep it a secret but you must pay me a ring :P
    Hahahahahaa! Yes some people indeed questioned why the Eagles didn't help because this would have made it all easier. Funny thing is in the movie the Hobbits scream: The Eagles are coming! But I didn't know they were on tour in Mordor :lol: Hotel california would have been changed into Hotel Mordoria :lol:
    I think it was all written in the contract. Sauron gave them full access but they shouldn't enter Mordor in just three days :lol:
    This would have made it so much easier :lol: I also wonder why they never decided to take the train :.lol: Gandalf is a Wizard!!
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