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  • And what about "How the LOTR should have ended"? That was funny :lol: It was much easier to use the Eagles and throw the Ring in Mount Doom. A shortcut :lol:
    :lol: Yes I know that one :lol: Other cool songs are also the Mashed taters song and Gollum's rap :lol: It is really funny what people are making
    You really should watch it!! I loved the movies when I saw them but I finished the books first. I got one pokemon game my brother found. It is only the card but I can't play it because of the region code.
    I must say I don't have any zelda merchandise either. I can print out the wallpapers I made but I don't have anything. Besides I have a huge LOTR collection with a lot of posters and action figures so I don't even have space for Zelda :lol:
    They only have one very tiny Linebeck figure and a Link statue. And then several Mario World figures. They don't have much Zelda games over here as well. Mainly Mario and other action games but no Zelda :(
    A while back I visited my oldest brother and we went into town and went to Gamestore. I saw a Mario doll I bought and a couple of Zelda games. I bought a couple of those. They also have a Link Statue I want to order. When I go to the Gameshop I better not plan to buy anything else :lol:
    Gamestop?? I LOVE gamestop! We have one over here too. Yes it often happens when you wanna buy one thing and you get something else instead :lol:
    :lol: I have been away for the most part today and I needed something and I ended up buying something else 0-o. And what about you?
    Thank you! I certainly can use those colors ;) The Green and Ice blue sounds very good ^^ I'm going to sleep now but will be back tomorrow. I certainly appreciate your help and will use a couple of those colors you gave me ^^
    That's okay. You can give me some color combo's because I certainly am going to need those
    Just keep an eye on the story ;) because the Dragons will be mentioned in the next chapter! I look already forward to the Dragons part myself. Just like I said before I simply love dragons
    Okay, have fun with art class! And yes you are right, Dragons always get the attention of people. I think many of us love them even though they seem to be scary
    Thank you for the welcome! I'm Apollymi. :D
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