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Firice da Vinci
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  • Thank you so much :) If I could have one thing changed though, could you move the letters in the avatar to the top of it? That way the Deku's face is easier to see. Other than that I love it :)
    Yeah, its my ultimate goal so far. My freind and I are trying to figure all the quirks out.
    I know, it's pretty sad. My friend said he went back to Isaac during the eclipse and Isaac asked him how his quest was going. Um... DO YOU NOT SEE THE SHADOWY CREATURES OF EVIL CREEPING AT YOUR WINDOW?!?! Yeah, that's what I thought.
    Really?! MAN I'm close to beating the game, then. By the way, is there anything I actually DO with the Helmaroc Feather? So far, I haven't done anything with it.
    I don't think I've gotten a game over yet, and I'm not even close to getting to the final boss. I'm still attempting to find the end of the Endless wall so I can find the last orb. I have all the Umbra Gear, though!
    Well any way... it still worked out as a surprise, because I only found your profile just recently! Thank you for going through so much trouble for me, I really love it!
    <---Hey Fire, you made me this avatar a while back. I was wondering if you remembered the URL for it. I was thinking about getting a new avy, but I want to save this one too.
    That's a pretty awesome avatar. You're getting very good at the graphics.
    I got it on Christmas too, I'm trying to find Kraden and get the 6 minstrels together to play the Angora Prelude. (At least I think that's what it's called.)
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