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Firice da Vinci
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  • That's really well done. I would have lightened the rest of the background a bit. The background is a little to dark to match the rest of the render and the effects. It looks really cool though.
    First off, I use photoshop. Then, when I save my image, I go to "Save for Web." Then, I use the "PNG-8" option. It keeps it in really high quality but lowers the file size. I love it.
    What's this about a test?! >.<
    That's what I got to do but my teacher let us listen to our iPods aswell ~
    Well, i'm going to Port Maquarie in 3 days... That's about it.. And i'm going into high school in 2011 ~
    So you seem to have a lot of stuff going on >.<
    You must be good at making things then :3 Sorry, I didn't introduce myself, i'm just MM98 ^.^
    Heh, thanks. =D I most likely won't be very active here, but it's nice to see an active, large forum. Very different from my homeland. =P
    OH!! Now I get it. I've always found TWW harder than MC. Maybe I've just beaten it less, but still. MC is a bit short too. Good idea for TP though
    WW isn't casual! I would say that it is by far one of the most engrossing Zelda titles out there! (surpassed by MM of course) plus, I don't believe that anyone found TP scary, just a little darker than the others. Yeah, I was looking at your sig :P
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