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  • Guess I can understand that...I was always happy when I got out of school myself, hahah.

    TGIF...heheh, yeah, Fridays were always nice for me but I guess being in College and all they're gonna be a bit crazy for you.
    Wow, all of that and the only ones from your list that I've seen in their entirety is FMA:B and FMA. I'm pretty picky when it comes to anime. XP Fairy Tail seems to be really popular lately... I have no idea what it's about though.

    Just out of curiosity, how late do you stay up watching Toonami? My parents will only let me stay up through the third show (which was Casshern Sins until last Saturday T_T) since it's way too late after that...
    Yes...someone actually mentioned that to me before as well. Rez is a term in the Tron series as well though, short form of Resolution. Just the same Derez is the short form of Deresolution, yep.
    In my story the version of Flynn's Arcade that's in TRON City has been altered and is instead know as the Resolution Tower now--or Tower of Rez even.
    Sins was part of the new revival block for Toonami back in May. It didn't play before then. :3

    So what other animes do you watch?
    Hahah, Space Paranoids was actually what got me into Tron, I began my story back in 2010 around the time Tron Legacy was released in Theaters...even have a Kingdom Hearts Chapter that's gonna appear in it, got a long ways to go still though, heh.
    Oh, if you've never seen Tron, then let me tell you it's a series that more or less takes place within Cyber Space. As such I took into consideration that all games are in a way located within cyber space, so in my story I created a location withing TRON City called the "Dimensional Grid" which is linked to every single video game world know to date, with that said and done I threw together a bunch of video game series I was familiar with into this huge story. Yep...most who've read some of it enjoy it, but it's certainly not a story for everyone, as the Chapters be crazy long o,o
    Majora's Mask, huh...that game is pretty cool, heheh. Chapter 6 in my huge cross-over Tron Story had Majora's Mask as the main game it was shaped around--it is 61 pages long.
    Eh, I myself only played through SS once, and then that was it...the Wind Waker remains my favorite Zelda, hahah.
    Meh, it happens, often enough I end up awake for a lot longer than planned because there's something I may be thinking about >,>

    Eh, I'll use Math when I need to, but anything that's beyond what i feel I may need is of no interest to me.

    Dreadfuse was a mini-boss in Skyward Sword, appearing in the Sky Keep near the game's end.
    I see, well if Vio hasn't already accepted the one you sent her then I'm sure she likely will later or something, I ended up going to sleep around 2:30 AM myself last night...heheh. Good to hear your day is going ok though, and Math--me and my sister are among those who aren't a fan of that subject, hahah. Hopefully you did do good on it though, yeah. I myself have been working on stuff for the Zelda Dungeon Wiki, finished up and added the Scervo page not to long ago, am just listen to Paper Mario music while typing up what I can for Dreadfuse now.
    To be honest while browsing about your profile last night to see if I had ever posted a VM on here I was thinking about shooting you a friend request, but figured maybe another time as I was on 3DS…but you just sent me one instead, so yay, problem solved. Oh, also guess I have officially posted a VM here as well now so…how’s your day going so far???
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