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  • That would definitely be an interesting fan-fic... But you know, there's lots of Pokemon fans out there. Now that you mention it, I wouldn't be surprised if something like that has already been written. XD I mean, we got something like Cupcakes out of the My Little Pony franchise...

    I first heard of Casshern through Toonami as well. I've always despised robots and anything that had to do with robots... until Casshern came along and made me question everything I thought to be true of myself. XD
    You'd be surprised... XD Casshern Sins is so drastically different from Neo-Human Casshern that it might as well be a totally new independent series. I honestly don't know what they were thinking when they made Sins. In fact, if you changed the names of Casshern, Braiking Boss, and Luna, as well as giving Casshern a different suit, you'd have a different series right then and there. It disregards any and all continuity established in the original.

    In Neo-Human, Casshern was a human who basically turned himself into a robot in order to defend humanity against the robotic forces. He was a superhero doing superheroic things. It was the typical good vs. evil thing. Luna was his love interest and partner who would fight the robots with him.

    In Sins, Casshern is angsty, dark, and always depressed because of the fact that he caused the apocalypse and then forgot about it. Compared to Neo-Human, Sins has no plot and no bad guys. Luna became a death-hating goddess who basically came off as a jerk to everything and everyone.

    To put it simply, they completely the utterly butchered the original series. I have nothing against Sins (you know, obviously XD) but the fact that it's supposed to be a reboot of Neo-Human makes me feel terrible for the fans of the show back in the 1970s. I mean, the way I see it, it's like taking the original Pokemon anime from 1998, redoing it in 2030, and changing it so where Ash was the head of a criminal organization that slaughtered Pokemon for the fun of it... or something.
    Casshern Sins was meant to be a reboot of an already-existing series, which had its roots with Neo-Human Casshern (also known as Casshan or Kyashan), which was an anime in the 1970s. There was also a 4-episode OVA called Casshern: Robot Hunter that was created in the 1990s. There was also a live-action movie, but... I don't think that was really worth mentioning. XD
    Yeah, it ended just last Saturday. I don't blame you for not understanding -- Casshern Sins is a pretty vague series. XP

    (Now if you'll excuse me, I'll begin rambling on about Casshern now. XD) In the beginning, Ringo was shown to be a robot suffering the effects of the Ruin. In Episode 13, Casshern and Lyuze notice that Ringo was bleeding... while rusting at the same time. And in Episode 16, Ohji explains to Casshern that he found Ringo as a baby, although robots don't actually age. When you consider the fact that Leda and Casshern -- who were created by Ohji -- are also "robots" that can bleed, there's obviously something up with every robot that in some way had to do with Ohji. Taking into account that the original Casshern ("Casshan") back in the 1970s was actually a human and and robot (essentially, a cyborg)... Ohji probably did something to Ringo to make her a cyborg or something along the lines of that as well. Either that, or Ringo really is Leda's daughter from the evidence displayed from various episodes during the series (especially 23) and she inherited her mother's cyborg...ness.

    Which is exactly why Ringo managed to grow up! :D

    /feels like that explanation was way too long OTL
    YEAH! :D It kills me each time I play the "Rate the Siggy" or "Rate the Avatar" games and people almost always say "Nice, but I don't know what that is."

    HOWCOULDTHEYEVENSAYWHATIMEANDONTTHEYKNOWITSAPERSON but yeah I'm totally a rabid Casshern Sins fan who hasn't gotten enough sleep lately so excuse me. X_X

    And thank you! I like your avatar and sig too. Especially your sig. <3
    your avatar looks very nice and i play OoT MM and il play TP besides from that i have a variety of games oh and please vote on my poll Which Beast Is Better ;D
    I listen to Tatu as well ^-^

    And patching is basically rigged up programming to fix small or at times major problems such as language problems and game glitches. I dabble in software from time to time as well as graphic design.

    And kool i'll start sending you new stages and what not. And oh wow -lol-
    Well, someone did her research while she was away -lol- I patch my games although I don't have any from the japan general area. I do have a few from Europe (Eastern Australia, Russia, Etc..) and I can patch those and run them through my CFG USB loader or my Theta GCN launcher, and through a little work I can configure games the way I want. Ex. I can make an NTSC-U game a PAL game if I want language and all. But seeing as how I don't speak any other languages but English I only convert games from different regions to NTSC-U this is commonly known as "injecting" The process is smooth and I can even apply mods/hacks to the game if I get bored or just feel like cheating lol.

    I'm impressed you know Japanese that's an interesting little perk you have there -lol-. The only thing I know is common greetings in Russian like I can say good morning, how are you, and other common salutations -lol-. But I can't hold any type of conversation in any other language aside from English -lol-

    And how do you play with only 2 items at a time?? lolsz XD
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