The Mystery Polluter

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The Mystery Polluter





Help Dalia discover the source of water pollution in Gerudo Town


The Mystery Polluter is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Speak to Dalia in the Northern corner of Gerudo Town to begin the quest.


Dalia is a young gerudo who can be found at noon in an empty alleyway in the northernmost corner of gerudo town. If you miss her make a fire and wait there. She will inform you that she wants to grow a garden, but the water is too polluted from garbage. Look in the waterfall next to her and you will see lots of hydromelon rinds.

Climb the wall up to the aqueducts above and follow the floating rinds upstream to the roof north of the throne room and you will find a gerudo named Calyban fangoriously devouring melons. The quest cannot be initiated unless you speak to Dalia first. If you tell Calyban there is a problem, she will request 10 wildberries as payment to stop polluting the waterways. Talk to her with 10 wildberries in your inventory and she will agree to help clean up the trash.

Go speak to Dalia again immediately and she will tell you she is going to plant a berry garden. There will be multiple berry bushes in this location the next time you visit.

This quest is one of the four required for The Thunder Helm side quest, which awards Link with said headgear.

Quest Description

Active Quest

Dalia has been working hard to start an orchard, but garbage keeps appearing in her water source, so her efforts are all for naught. What sort of vile polluter would toss his or her garbage away with such indifference?

Updated Quest

The water source got polluted with garbage, so the water has become unusable. The cause turned out to be a woman throwing melon rinds away in the waterway upstream. She says if you bring her 10 wildberries from the snow-topped peaks of the Gerudo Highlands, she'll stop eating so many melons...

Updated Quest 2

The water source was polluted with garbage, so the water became unusable. The cause turned out to be a woman throwing melon rinds away in the waterway upstream. In exchange for 10 wildberries, she agreed to stop eating melons. Maybe the water will clear up now.

Hurry back and report to Dalia.

Completed Quest

Dalia planted the wildberries she received from Calyban and said that it's OK to pick them once they grow in.

With the source of the water pollution cleared up, all that's left to do is wait for the wildberries to grow.