Dampé's Diary

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Dampé's Diary
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Find the Hookshot

Dampé's Diary is an object found within Ocarina of Time.

The Diary belongs to Dampé and it is located within the Gravekeeper's Hut, a location within the Kakariko Village Graveyard. The Diary is the only item Link can interact with within the Gravekeeper's Hut.[1] The text that Link reads differs depending on whether it is read by Young Link or Adult Link.


As a child, Link can only read the diary at nighttime while Dampé is outside grave digging. When the diary is read as a child, it gives Link information about the Hookshot, but it never states the item by name. Dampé writes in his diary that he dug a hole and found a treasure that stretches, goes BOING, and then shrinks. Despite his find, Dampé states that he will never give the treasure to anybody.[2]

As an adult, Link can enter the hut at anytime of day to read the diary. Dampé tells whomever is reading his diary to enter his grave and he will give you his stretching and shrinking keepsake, once again referring to the Hookshot, but not by name.[3]


  • Dampé appears to have written within Dampé's Diary when he knows he is about to die, that the Hookshot will be buried with him, and that he'll be there as a ghost.


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