Gravekeeper's Hut

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Gravekeeper's Hut

"Whoever reads this, please enter my grave. I will let you have my stretching, shrinking keepsake. I'm waiting for you. --Dampé"

— Dampé's Diary

The Gravekeeper's Hut is Dampé's small hut in Ocarina of Time. It is situated in the southeast corner of the Kakariko Village Graveyard. As a child, Link is only able to enter his hut at nighttime when Dampé runs the Gravedigging Tour. When Link is an adult, Dampé has passed away, so Link is now able to enter his dormant hut. Before Dampé passed away, he wrote and left his diary behind, leaving a brief message. He left a message stating that he wants someone to enter his grave so that he can give his keepsake. Now as a spirit, Dampé lives in his grave, where he leads Link to his treasure, the Hookshot.