Amber Relic

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Amber Relic
Amber Relic (Skyward Sword).png



Various areas
(Most commonly in Faron Woods)


30 Rupees



"You got an Amber Relic! It's an amber-colored chunk of stone. Nobody knows why it's shaped this way."

— In-game description[1]

The Amber Relic is a very common treasure acquired in Skyward Sword. It can be found in every location,[2][3][4] but is more frequently found within the Faron Woods region. Link can use collected Amber Relics to upgrade his items at the Scrap Shop located within the Bazaar. In addition to that, he can sell Amber Relics for approximately 30 Rupees a piece.



  1. "You got an Amber Relic! These amber- colored chunks of precious stone are found everywhere. No one knows where their strange shape comes from." — In-game description, Skyward Sword.
  2. "An amber-hued relic found in many places. It has a wide range of uses as a general-purpose material." — In-game description, Skyward Sword.
  3. "And then there's the Amber Relic and the Dusk Relic. These can be found in every region, I see... But for some reason, the Dusk Relic can only be found during some kind of trial... And my eyes, they see that the Goddess Plume is the rarest of all treasures! If you should find one, you will be the luckiest man alive!" — Sparrot, Skyward Sword.
  4. "Hey, kid! Looks like you're a bit short on materials. You don't have enough Amber Relics. My grandpa's notes say you can find Amber Relics on the common in lots of different places. Seems like it's one treasure that's not so hard to find." — Gondo, Skyward Sword.