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You as the opposite sex


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
Well, here's me to start off with. I had to do the idiotic mirror shot thing so you could see at least most of me.

I'd imagine the female version of me would likely have my same face, just with more 'feminine' eyes, and without the facial hair. She'd obviously have a higher-pitched voice (that's a given). I'm consistently renowned for having grown facial hair at a young age, so... what's the equivalent of facial hair for females? No idea. As far as figure goes, I wouldn't look extremely too much different. I'd just have decently small... well... I don't really want to use any of the words on ZD, but you get what I'm saying. I say decently small because I'm only 14, and because I don't have the most masculent of figures, so a female version of me wouldn't have a very woman-like figure, if you see what I'm saying.

As far as personality goes, I'd be essentially the same. If I didn't tell someone what gender I was, and they couldn't see me, but they knew all about my personality, they likely wouldn't be able to tell which I was. Put simply, I don't fall under any of the male stereotypes, and definitely none of the female stereotypes. I'm just kinda... in between, in a sense.

If I were to meet my other self, I'd definitely be attracted to her personality (because we share every trait), and (while this may be an awkward thought) her physical appearance. We'd be at least (most likely more than) friends, and we'd probably meet each other through ZD, in notice of a similar musical taste (since music is one of the most important things to me). We'd also notice we were both musicians, so we'd be in a band together, most likely with her on vocals, because I have a decent voice, but I really like the sound of female vocals.
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If I were a female, there would be some obvious biological as well physiological differences from my current self but the way I perceive the world and handle my emotions would also drastically be altered. At this point, I would like to post a disclaimer that I do not intentionally trudge upon any gender stereotypes.

As a girl, I'd probably be more sociable and gossipy as well as take less interest in physical activity. As I am right now, I'm not too big on sports and seeing as how under the exact same conditions, the female frame is able to accomplish less physical exertion than that of a male, I'd probably be less active particularly as a precaution to protect myself from harm. I've always liked to grow my hair a bit longer and could certainly picture myself having long, flowing hair if I was a female. Make up is something I'd definitely be iffy on. I would have to come to a decision judging how I look in a natural light.

Concerning personality, I'd hope it remains the same but you never know. I've always perceived woman to be more caring and accepting towards others but at the same time increasingly prone to spreading rumors and destroying peoples' reputations. Therefore I would most likely follow the principle I live by now: To try to contain my sometimes hot-headed temper and better myself as well as those around me.

As for what we would do together (technically impossible since I would be a different person) we would probably enjoy some friendly talk for a while and then maybe play some videogames or go to the movies. I honestly have no idea. It's weird just thinking about it.
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May 2, 2012

Me as the opposite sex.

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
Me as the opposite sex? A few people would say that I would be the same thing I am now. Some people *cough*Nero*cough*Wyatt*cough*Nicole*cough* like to think that I'm sexually ambiguous, which I disagree with.
Feb 7, 2012
Well I'm sure I HAVE met my self as the opposite gender, so I have no explaining to do (HAH! I just got out of having to describe myself!) I'm sure one of my friends (in real life) IS me as a girl...
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The Rodent King
Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
A female version of me would have long, pale, blond hair with light blue eyes, long fingernails, and slightly thicker-framed glasses. She'd also probably be more into Zelda games than I am. (I do like Zelda games but I'm much more into racing and flying games.) Her name would be Alexandra. (My name is Alexander.)

Meeting me as a girl probably wouldn't go over too well because outside of places like ZD or Zelda Universe or anywhere online I'm really a jerk so I'd probably say hey and then she'd probably tell me that I can go **** myself and then I'd get pissed and start swearing back and then she'd punch me (I'd probably actually dodge the first one and then she'd punch me with her other fist - especially if she punched with her left arm first and I dodged to my left and then as I'm moving left she punches me with her right arm on my left side. I literally can't do anything with my left arm so I wouldn't be able to block her punch. My right arm is at least 5 times as strong and if that's also true with her then it would hurt a lot more to be hit by her right arm anyway) and considering she techinically is me, I really would not want to fight back for fear of what she'd do to me if I really pissed her off.
Mar 16, 2012
Me as the opposite sex? A few people would say that I would be the same thing I am now. Some people *cough*Nero*cough*Wyatt*cough*Nicole*cough* like to think that I'm sexually ambiguous, which I disagree with.

But it's truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue XD


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
If I was a girl, my hair and eye color would be the same as they are right now, being black and brown respectively. My hair would be a bit longer and probably would reach at least to the top of my shoulder blades. I would still wear glasses and still be geeking out to every thing Nintendo! I would be wearing cute shirts, to a girl's perspective, and still be wearing blue jeans. I would probably try going for the skirts, since it is pretty for me to think a girl would occasionally wear a skirt every now and then. I would probably pin my hair in a ponytail and just leave it in my natural waving state as a girl. That's pretty much it as the general differences between my real and alternative universes. I left out the other "female features" since 1. I don't know anything about it and 2. I don't really focus on those areas of a girl. Forgive me for my awkwardness. XD
I have been mistaken for a guy before, so I think not much would be different.

The hair would be a little shorter, but It would still be dyed black. My eyes would still be greenish brown. I'd be taller, anywhere from 5'9-6'0. No makeup. I would still dress the same, band tees and jeans. And the obvious one that would be different is the genital situation.

If I ever met my counterpart, we'd probably just barely talk in the beginning and everything would be very uncomfortable. Until we got on the topic of music, art, and books. Then we would probably become friends.


May 10, 2012
if I were a dude, I would talk about sex and fart jokes all day long. i'd be a pig, but the girls would dig me for it. they love as$holes. jk

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
If I was a dude eh?
My hair would be short,like I had a ponytail but the pony tail isn't there.I will wear black spectacles(cuz currently,i have purple specs),my eye colour will be hazel(cuz my eye colour is dark brown),I will have like an average boy's body,I would hangout with boys all the time and voice will sound really deeper.

My personality will be pretty naughtier,I will be much as an indoor-person (cuz i'm an outdoor peep),I will like violent,I will not play the electone,maybe an accoustic guitar.My opposite will like art really much and he will be much more skilled than me.

If I met my opposite,everything will be uncomfortable at first.Until I'll start playing my electone,he'll be starting to play a guitar.Then,....WE WILL DUET! We will draw art together,duet with each other,practincing music with each other,talk about our lives.....I will like him!!!

....wtf did i just talk about?


Collecting Dust
Sep 27, 2010
It's funny, 'cause I actually know someone who is VERY like me! We have the same interests, same personality only difference is she's blond and I'm dark haired. I like her quite a bit and she likes me, so I guess that's how it would work If I met my female self.
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
This is a fun topic. :P I suppose I would be much as I am now, which means hazel eyes, auburn/brownish hair, very fair skin, a scar centered on my right cheek... I'm not quite sure how my smallness would translate to a male body... I guess I'd just be shorter and smaller than most. My hair would be another issue... currently it's about down to my hips (measured it last night) and incredibly thick and wavy... so I don't really know how that would work as a guy. Obviously it would be way shorter, though! :) I'm assuming personality would be much the same (in other words, a love of art, writing, gaming, collecting things, and the like), except perhaps my male counterpart would be less emotional - which would be a good thing, since I tend to be an incredibly sensitive person and that isn't always practical. Also, I guess I wouldn't be as infatuated with all things adorable if I were male... perhaps. Other than that I'd... pretty much be, well, me. ♥

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