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  • Haha yeah we had a belt of snow for an hour or so but it all melted. I'm in Yorkshire x)
    Aww... well it seems your education system over there is a little better refined over there. You've only got two years to go in your third level education?
    The way we have it set up, it's P/K-5, 6-8, then 9-12; or it's P/K-6, 7-8, 9-12.
    Our K (kindergarten) would probably be the equivalent of your 1 so our 12 would be your 13 I guess?
    But your GCSE's sound better than our HSEE's, and it's a level lower, even. Ours, you have one structured writing test (example; write a story about symbolism, or write a short play), one reading test (basic things like based on context, what's the meaning of this word; or which is the correct placement for this comma) and then there's a math test (it's like... pre-algebra level stuff). You only have to get like 60% in any category to pass, which I think is bad.
    I have to say that including subjects like core science and including optional extra subjects is... well, much better than our system. :lol:
    Yeah, I'm a semi-ignorant American. What separates me is my willingness to learn about other cultures. ^_^ lol

    Anyway, yeah, your year 10 would be basically the equivalent of our Grade 10, or more commonly Sophomore Year in highschool. We have basically the same thing over here, called the HSEE, or High School Exit Exam, in which you take basic aptitude tests in reading, writing, and math, and have to pass them to graduate senior year (grade/year 12). If you fail, you can retake them every semester or so, though they're ridiculously easy and I feel bad for anyone who can't pass them.
    No problem. Thanks for getting back in the thread. :)
    Not sure what GCSEs are, but sounds like some kind of exam, so good luck.
    sweet! I got the ambassador games too! can't wait til the GBA ones come out! though I have super circuit already
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