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  • Yo Jeazy
    You've been gone like 5 years
    But happy birthday man
    Holy **** man.
    You were left hanging on two games that I disappeared from. And still sending my HBs?
    You have no idea how much that means. Thanks so much. The feelz.
    Hey sorry I missed the sign-ups for your Mafia game, I had some IRL stuff going on.
    If you ever need a replacement however, I'd be more than willing.

    *climbs inside pillow and puts blanket on floor* That's not right...

    *lies on floor and puts blanket in pillow* That's not it either!

    *lies underneath blanket with pillow under head* SLEEP...oh wait. It's morning. :(
    Ah. Thanks Jeezy :P I've been good. I'm very cold and tired and I should really go to sleep! >_<
    Jeezy! Can the Labrynna people post now or do we have to wait for an announcement from you?
    No need to apologize, man; this was on me, so I can take the entire weight of the blame.
    Please don't think I intended on deleting my comment only to conceal my error; I did it because I voted erroneously when it was not my turn. I will admit it probably would have been better to insert an edit, as Nicole did, but I will bear no fear of shame by saying that I acted in haste. Regardless, I merit all the humiliation and humbling brought about by this. Let it reflect on me, for I am the one who performed out of place. Just do not consider I entered for kicks; I respect and accept your decision to enforce the rules down to the letter, and even more letting me go due to my violation.

    Thank you for at least giving me the opportunity to enter into the game, and accept my deepest regrets for making it less enjoyable than it should have been. It was done through my choice alone.
    No, infect deals damage in the form of poison counters. So it adds 2 poison counters, but removes 0 life.

    On creatures, it's not the same. Blocking/attacking only deals damage (which is temporary) to their defense. Infect is more powerful because not only is it more permanent, but it also weakens their power too.
    Proliferate is to take any number of creatures and/or players, and add a counter to them of a type already there. So if a player has a poison counter, you can add another. If a creature has a -1/-1, +2/+1/ etc. counter on it, you can add another, and you can do this to everything on the battlefield and all players. Moving counters is to take a counter that's on one player or permanent and basically remove them from spot A and put them on spot B. Both spot A and spot B must be legal targets for the counter of the targeted type.
    So if it's a 2/1, it would do 2 damage, remove 2 loyalty counters, add 2 poison counters, add 2 -1/-1 counters, etc.

    Really? infect is that powerful???? so a Infect 2/2 Monster with flying deals @ poison counters, and 2 damage!
    So its practically teh same as blocking or attacking mosnters, except those minuses are permenant
    Also, what do you do when you Profeliate?? Or when you move counters, whats that?
    Thats what i thought, and its only one posion counter??? Not 1,2, or even 4 depending on the power it has? Also, say opponent attacks, andi block with a infect monster, and the infect monster has 4/5 while the attacking one has 3/3 Does it only do the -1/-1 to it, or does it do the full damage of 4
    im kinda confused on it D:
    So say the opponent has no monsters on the field(and no instants that ca ndestroy attack monster) and your monster has infect and has 4/5 Power/Toughness. Do the opponent loose 4 life also along with gaining a posion counter?
    Yep, Ive started to play magic starting 2 days ago xD Its alot of fun! I, my self, made an awesome Green/Black deack that stalls around either dealing infect(posion coutners) and some cards that deal massive damage if i cant get infect on the field. I also made a Black/Blue which i havent used yet
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