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  • laptops never cease to amaze me :bleh:

    I'm asking for a new desktop for the family for Christmas but I really want a gaming laptop
    Hey there Justeasy!:wave: I don't know you a lot on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday. So.......................

    Happy Birthday Todo

    We got a cake, but someone already ate some of it.
    Happy birthday Justeazy! :triforce: I hope you'll have a grand day!

    By the way, when do we get our roles in Mafia 9?!
    Well, I've played two rounds of BM (that acronym still cracks me up), one as Town and one as the Mafia Godfather. So yeah, I think I can handle it.
    Sorry, but I'm trying to wane myself off of being overly obsessive of the internet and I've been pretty busy lately, so I can't really play unless you like inactives.
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