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  • Hey. If you ever need a replacement for Mafia 9, please inform me as I'd be interested in joining if my real life complies.
    Ah it's a pretty good movie, it was the only one we've watched all the way through so far. Shaft is the first "Blaxploitation" film and it was released in 1971, it's nothing fantastic.
    same, I can see this going up to probably 2,500 lol, and don't worry, they're movies, btw :)
    more of an around about 2000 words analysis, my teacher said 1500 would be okay, too, but I'm on 970 and I haven't even finished Shaft :lol:
    Yeah pretty good, I have to do a 2000 word analysis on the openings of "Shaft" and "Point Break" and I'm a king at procrastinating :lol:
    Haha, it's fine, I often do things like that, name things after extremely obscure references that can only be reached by my bizarre stream of conciousness, so if anybody asks I have to take a good minute to explain to them haha, I can't think of any off of the top of my head, however.
    xD That's hilarious man, I bet it was worth it. I didn't get to make a cake for you...I think Djinn usually covers the cakes.
    Ocarina of Time is my favorite game and also my favorite Zelda game. I have many "close seconds", so I won't name them all though Star Ocean Till the End of Time is on my mind at the moment.

    How about you? What's your favorite game?>
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