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    Sadly I am on the US Servers. I'll never understand why they region locked the online. I have about 100 hours sunk into Tri at the moment and another 100 hours into Freedom Unite. I also have Portable 3rd, but I haven't put a lot of time into it seeing that it is in Japanese.
    Yeah, it has to be one of my favorite video game franchises.
    Lol. I'm doing GCSE ballet right now and hopefully fast tracking in a few subjects. I'm in year 8 btw.
    I know right -.- Are you in year 9? All our year 13s had such a huge rave when they left XD
    Awesome. (And yeah I have arguments with my friends, it's totally rhyming with gone) but that's prolly because I'm from Yorkshire :P And, awesome! Never figured that out XD How are you then? I just finished half term (noooo)
    :tektite: YAY, well whats up? I'm thinking about getting OOT 3D as soon as it somes out! :D
    Yes, I have noticed thanks...........
    can you join jedizoras pokemon game please?
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