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  • Well, my guess is that you're around 16, but not too long ago I guessed Kelsey was maybe 15 but it turned out she was 13...heh, yeah, I'm not always accurate in regards to age guesses :silent:

    That's true, I am rather picky about who I let call me by my actually name, but you can feel free to now...I give you permission :)
    Alright then, just because I dunno how far apart we may be age wise I take stuff like that into account, don't wanna make you feel uncomfortable or awkward...making someone feel that way is always the last thing I want to do, eheheh >,>

    Eh, seems to complex, maybe just keep calling me Vain...or since I know your real name suppose you can know mine as well, you may also refer to me as Jordan if you so desire, Lindsay. Actually, considering I have e-mailed stuff to you before maybe you already knew my real name...huh.
    You're very welcome...not that I'm trying to make you feel uncomfortable or anything, I just don't see you as looking bad at all, Lindsay ^^

    Hmmm, calling me what, "that guy who makes it official that you aren't unappealing"...if so, then that's alright, because it's true :)
    Awww, well I think you look nice, Lindsay *hugs you*

    I dunno what it may be that has you thinking you look bad...but so long as there's at least one person who begs to differ then it can't be official, and so I shall forever be that guy who keeps you from officially being labelled as looking bad, uh-huh :silent:

    Indeed, life is what it is, can only go along with it truly.
    Yep, I just don't want you thinking you look bad or anything, because truth is there's nothing wrong with how you look...at least that how I see it anyways, how I see you, heh. Gee you are you...and there ain't nothing wrong with ya, Lindsay, always try to keep that in mind :)

    Yeah, people like me for example, hahah...ah, but I fully understand where you're coming from, would be nice if that was how it works.
    If that's what works for you Lindsay...and my eyes were last checked a few months ago, perfectly fine, I just like to spread truth an light. Truth being you're a rather cute young woman and Light being that Sunshine from earlier, hahah ^^

    Oh, I hear that, my mom has been yelling at me about finding people to hang out with in real life...but truth be told I'm just not feeling it really. Online is easier, but no in person stuff ever really happens which is one thing I don't like, if someone I know online such as yourself lived around where I'm at I'd hang out with you no problem...but it doesn't work like that sadly, I'll have to do something eventually.
    Hmmm, well appearance wise based on that photo of you on Skype I must say you qualify as being cute in my book, and I know there's nothing wrong with my eyesight...I just call 'em as I see 'em, disagree with me if you want, but in my opinion you are rather cute, Lindsay :P

    Well, if you ever get a Wii U and wanna give it a shot feel free to ask :3 Oof, certainly are on more sites than me, hahah...but if it works for you then it works, yeah :>
    Well, now you know how to say cute in Japanese though, hahah...what, has nobody else called you cute before, Lindsay o,o I seem to always come by girls like that, give ‘em a compliment but they don’t seem familiar with it, either way me considering them as being whatever does hold some utmost legitimacy though…my Absolute Judgment, hopefully one day you’ll feel cute though, I can say you got some cuteness going on anyways :3

    Yeah, my computer is out in the open where lots of noise and stuff could interfere, so even if I could do VCs I likely would due to that fact. My Wii U is downstairs in my room though, and down there not much really goes on, perfect place for peace and quiet. Oh, I'm usually just here or on Skype, call myself the "go to guy if stuff's bugging you and you wanna talk about it", yep.
    Oh, that's fine, also kawaii is cute in Japanese...I just don't exactly like to come out and call someone cute openly and as such use kawaii instead as not everyone may follow, eheheh. I do think you're somewhat kawaii though, so you're welcome...now change that occupation of yours to "Being a cute loser." :P

    Yes, only if you end up getting a Wii U though, no way to VC on Skype really. No problems though, it's what I do, and since I consider you and your sisters as being really nice people...yeah, anytime you may need to talk just ask ^^
    You are very welcome, my friend. Also, contact request sent, and now I am curious as to whether or not that's a picture of you up there...if it is I'm gonna guess you're maybe 16 or around that age anyways, also gotta say you're kind of kawaii, heheh :3

    Heh, well wonderful then...suppose you are among the few people I would be willing to video chat with, you're nice enough anyways. Oh, also, if for whatever reason you may ever be feeling down...feel free to PM me about it, I'm here for ya if you need a shoulder to cry on, same applies for your sister and many other members on here :>
    Awww, well I won’t ever think of you as being a loser, Lindsay…just a nice girl who I consider as being a friend, same goes for your other sisters as well, definitely not losers in my book. Here, haz Sunshine ^^

    As for Skype, suppose I'll add you then, and if you ever do get a Wii U...well, maybe one day I can argue with you about how much of a loser you aren't on Wii U Chat, hahah.
    Indeed, I know I enjoy it, heheh. By the by, just looked over your about me section and would like to raise a complaint…your occupation isn't being a loser, now who told you that it was? I don’t agree with that one bit, Lindsay…you’re a very nice girl, far from being a loser. Also, how often do you use Skype, I’m thinking I could maybe add you to my contacts…I only really IM, but still figure I could add you :)
    Oh yes, it's quite the interesting device, can see stuff both on the screen that'll be in your hands and the screen on the T.V...I could come here on the Wii U's internet browser even and use the Gamepad to type stuff out while listening to music as multiple tabs may be open on that thing. Also what I find interesting is the video chat thing it has going that's known as Wii U Chat...let's you video chat with people you may have on your friends list no matter where they are--like, if you and Kelsey had a Wii U and your other sister Jenna had one as well, chances are you could both video chat with each other whenever to keep in touch and stuff. I've never used it yet myself, and in all honest likely won't use it too much overall, but I still find it to be interesting.
    Well, good to know you and Kelsey are holding up alright, heheh :>

    As for me, I've been doing just fine, thanks...got a Wii U not too long ago, have you heard of that yourself? It's a pretty entertaining piece of technology in my opinion...
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