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Who is Your Favorite Link?


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Apr 21, 2012
TP Link and WW link were both pretty badass, and I'd pick TP Link if it weren't for the fact that he had so many dopey expressions, it honestly was kinda creepy sometimes.

In terms of the BEST Link, it's between the Hero of Time and SS Link, the Hero of Time for being a true hero and the ways he affected Hyrule, SS Link for having the guts to do what needed done.

EDIT: Alttp Link was a lot like the HoT, too. So pretty much all the heros were badass.
It makes you think though, there's still at least 2 links in the history of hyrule(hero of man and the original chosen hero) who haven't be fleshed out yet. The original might just prove to be the best if we ever get a look at him, and there's also the fierce diety too think about too.
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Apr 27, 2012
skyward sword link! he had so much personality and you instantly fall in love with him because you could relate to him.
Hmmm... I'm gonna say Wind Waker Link. I felt kind of sorry for him after the Hylian text had been translated.

"So this isn't the hero of time then?"

Give him a break.

He did have a lot on his little shoulders though, Following OoT and MM and Spaceworld, then he showed up in his boat looking like a teletubby and was hated on sight, THEN the game had to complain about him. But he was noble in a lesser way, He didnt set out to save a world that had recovered from evil, he set out to save his sister. He was so young and leaving home to risk all at such a young age, leaving the comfort of his home to traverse the seas with a very mean Tetra and a group of pirates, poor kid. But he did it and never complained. He also got his own island and gave Ganondorf a massive headache. Go him =] <3 (TP link [my second favourite Link) couldn't even knock Ganondorf down ;))
Dec 30, 2011
I would say the original link, because he didn't really need any help from people...he just popped up, was given a sword and was basically told "figure it out yourself" other than the ocassional old man or friendly pig.


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Mar 16, 2012
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That depends on what your talking about. I like Toon Link because hes hilarious & shows more emotions & expressions than most Links. I like TP's Link because he looks more realisc & is, in my opinion, the most good-looking out of all of them. I like SS Link because hes the first in the time line, doesnt know what to expect, & has the best in-game story out of all of them in my eyes! He doesnt even have any powers yet & is still a badass!
I think SS is the best, but I cant choose between Toon Link & TP Link as 2nd place! They're just too awesome!
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WW Link was mine. He just seemed a lot more laid back and easy going.
Apr 7, 2012
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probably skyward sword link, I just felt like his character gave me more of a connection.
he had a super sweet personality too(:

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