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  • It's okay, I love long posts ;D

    The only characters in XIII that I really, REALLY liked were Light, Snow, Vanille, and Sazh. Everyone else really just didn't do it for me. Chapter 11 was my favorite chapter ever; I absolutely LOVE Gran Pulse, it's so amazing and beautiful...I wish I could live there for just a day. Now, if you don't run around doing all the missions/hunts in Chapter 11, it WILL be a little hard, but with a bit of grinding (I think I put over 20 hours into Ch11 -- I know it's quite a bit but I've seen save files that have over 999 hours put into the game), things become so easy.
    I like XIII-2 more than XIII. I think the beginning of 2 faster paced and easier to get into, but 1's was just..bland? Kinda, and a bit too hard to get into. And something weird, I know the gameplay of both are pretty much the exact same, but 2's feels better in a way that I just can't explain.
    Finished and wrapped up that game quite a bit ago :D

    I must say, I'm disappointed with the story but that's okay -- the gameplay is amazing IMO.
    they are. but at least not too tough as to prevent me from enjoying myself at ska/punk shows. i'm extremely sore from skanking.
    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it will be. At the very least thus far we know that the game cover is aesthetically better designed than anything Bungie ever churned out.

    Here's hoping for some more info at E3. :)
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