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Who is Your Favorite Link?

Aug 7, 2011
Hmm, probably Twilight Princess for me. His wolf form and his dynamic with Midna was really great and he was an adult from the start. Although I also really like WW's Link, it's a very close second for me.


Soldier for Christ!
Jan 29, 2011
Older Link in Ocarina of Time. OoT was (basically) the first game I played, and I was so looking forward to seeing what older Link looked like (my older sister had told me that in OoT, Link is older at a certain point). What is funny is that I imagined older Link looking exactly the way he looks in the game, except with a very short beard. It was weird, because when I played the game and first saw old Link, I freaked out because that was the exact image that I saw in my mind, just without the facial hair. He is my favorite partly because of that, the other part is because I liked that game so much, especially the old Link parts. ^^
Apr 12, 2012
i like oot link best because i played with him first but second is the SS link because he looks really awesome


Twilight Princess Link. Twilight Princess was my favorite game, Link was my favorite Link. He was just so perfect.
Feb 6, 2012
Definitely the Link from OoT/MM. Like others, that is the Link that I grew up with, since OoT and MM were my first two Zelda games, and I would play them to no end. Plus, he's the one that has suffered the most... What do I mean by this? This user has a pretty lengthy list on why:

User:Osteoderm Jacket/Thoughts - Zelda Wiki

It's a pretty interesting read!

I read it, and it was sure pretty interesting. My favorite is the Hero of Time. He has been through so much (and I guess after MM, a lot more might happened) The masks were awesome, I grew up with him. And most importantly, I like his story the most, also that he was mentioned a lot in WW was great. (And he was also in TP ^.^)

WW link and TP link are sharing a 2nd place. WW link was really cute! His facial expressions were genius. And I also thought it was sweet that he cared so much for his grandma. TP link has a bit of the same reasons, like the way he cared for the children in the village.


I think Adult OOT Link was the best with his story and all. While MM Young Link (not OOT) for he had ninja skills when he would jump platforms, and he is the same as OOT Link technically.


Toon Link/The Wind Waker Link - He's the most expressive of the Link's. He has many things to show that the others never did, such as fear, playfulness, the way he can make conversations go. Sure Link's don't talk, but through the use of his expressions you can see what kind of person Toon Link is. Another thing to note is that he's the only Link who had to earn his status as a Hero. Most Link's start with the Tri-force of Courage and have a set journey that they were destined to. However, Toon Link's was done by mistake. His sister looked like Tetra, which got her stolen by the Helmaroc King. He had to set out to save her. When he failed, he had to earn the right to be granted the Master Sword and even after that, he had to revive it. Not only did he have to revive the sword, but he had to collect the the eight pieces to the Tri-force of Courage and earn his spot as a Hero. When he finally achieved the pieces and went to save Zelda, it was then that he was dubbed the Hero of the Winds. Now, I had many reasons to like Toon Link, but with that list that dot dynamite had linked us to, I was able to explain it better as to why I do like him over the others. Not only does it come to that, but he has more signs of family than the others. The Hero of Time's story (OoT) explained it later on, but that was it, so he's an exception to that point. Toon Link went to save someone dear to him and a part of his family, his sister. He also has his Grandma and almost everyone on Outset is so kind and family like to each other there. So in all, Toon Link has a whole island with a family on it. He's a very unique Link in the series compared to the others and I enjoy playing as him and learning his story all together.


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Feb 9, 2012
A Link to the Past Link, Pink Hair, Awesome Guy. Totally conquers both worlds (Light and Dark) Just an overall amazing Link

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