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  • No problem! I figured I should have such an awesome user like yourself on my friends list! ^^
    Your welcome, and thank you for accepting. Hope you are enjoying the forums. I myself used to be very active, but then I kind of just stopped posting, and became a lurker. I think I ran out of stuff to post about, so I kind of took a break for awhile. LOL. Then I heard about the contest for the 360 and I was like "Why the heck not" but I am planning to still remain at least a little bit active after the contest, or else I would feel bad for only being active for the contest. I see you have been a member since August of last year. Did you just recently become active too?
    well, welcome to the ZD forums, Marily!!!!im romani64, but everyone just calles me romani.
    hey, if ya have any questions bout' this place, i might be able to give ya a answer!!!!!:)
    and if you wanna respond to me, just click "veiw conversation"....umm its over there i think :/ >>>>>>>>>
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