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What's Your Favorite Quote in the Zelda Series?

Apr 7, 2012
I really like the rupee qoutes, like: "Dont spend it all in one place!" or "Lucky Find!" or "You must feel like a celebrity!" or that "Shhhhh.. Dont tell anyone! (or something like that)"


Sage of the Dark Forest
Mar 3, 2012
Deku Palace, Termina
"Hasty decision making is my weakness...This time, more than ever, it has become clear to me."-Deku king

we should all realize what the Deku king said. If we all thought stuff through, crime and war would be greatly reduced. As would poverty caused by impulse buying. One of the many human weaknesses is to asume things and acuse people before we know the full story.


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
Said by Zelda during the OoT ending:

"When peace returns to Hyrule, it will be time for us to say goodbye. Thank you, Link....goodbye."

and said by Fi during the SS ending:

"Link, hear me. My purpose was to obey the command of the goddess and lead you, the chosen hero of this land, on your quest. When I first awoke and began this task, I perceived it as merely serving my function as a servant to Her Grace. However, I have come to consider the information corresponding to our time together among the most precious data I have on record. I do not have the capability to fully understand the human spirit, Link... But now, at the end of my journey with you, as I prepare to sleep within the Master Sword forever, I experience a feeling I am unable to identify. I lack sufficient data to be sure of my conclusion, but I believe this feeling correlates closest to what your people call...happiness."
Mar 10, 2012
In the Sky
'None of them are intelligent by any definition of the word. Curiously, they seem to have a mysterious obsession with fashionable undergarments.'(Fi on Red Bokoblins)

'This variety of Bokoblin enjoys dark places, such as caves. Its sunlight-deficient lifestyle has turned its skin a stomach-turning shade of green.
However, like its red brethren, it exhibits a fascination with festive undergarments.'(Fi on a Green Bokoblin)
I have a few.

"The flow of time is always cruel... Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it..."-Sheik (Ocarina of Time)

"Time passes, people move.... Like a river's flow, it never ends... A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth..."-Sheik (Ocarina of Time)

"“Extraordinary. You stand as a paragon of your kind, human. You fight like no man or demon I have ever known. Though this is not the end. My hate...never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end! I will rise again! Those like you... Those who share the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero... They are eternally bound to this curse. An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all time!”-Demise (Skyward Sword)
Mar 20, 2012
Clock Town, Termina
-"Do not think that this ends here...the history of light and shadow will be written in blood!" -Ganondorf, Twilight Princess

-"Oceans as far as the eye can see. They are vast seas... None can swim across them... They yield no fish to catch... What did the King of Hyrule say?... That the gods sealed Hyrule away? And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule?" -Ganondorf, Wind Waker

-Pay me for the door repair charge." -Old Man, The Legend of Zelda

-"Sorry, I know nothing." -Townsfolk, Adventure of Link

-"If all else fails, use fire." -NPC, Adventure of LInk

-"Can I ask... a question? What makes you happy? I wonder... what makes you happy... does it make... others happy, too?" Moon Child, Majora's Mask

- "Nice going, you two. You guys were totally amazing in this little adventure I like to call the Legend of Groose." -Groose, Skyward Sword

-"However, I have come to consider the information corresponding to our time together among the most precious data I have on record." Fi, Skyward Sword
Apr 12, 2012
"you've met with a terrible fate haven't you..." from the mask's salesman in M'sM
it sounds so serious and dramatic, I think it represents the entire game very well!

"Master, your controller batteries are almost empty ..." Fi, SS
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Apr 4, 2012
"Listen,you need to open this door" -Navi OOT.Hahah,it was so ridiculous for me when Navi had to point that out :P


Jan 19, 2011
"...it smells nice too..."

~ Sailcloth Description


Indigo Child
Mar 25, 2012
Stuck in the material world
Time passes, people move. Like a river's flow, it never ends. A childish mind will turn to noble ambition. Young love will become deep affection. The clear water's surface reflects growth. Now listen to the Serenade of water to reflect upon yourself.


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