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  • lol SimonandMartina are so funny. I'll probably check out their second channel. Also, have you heard Yoseob's "No" song?
    Happy Birthday, ZeldaWarlock! Cuz Warlocks are better than masters And since you're as old as me, you get a special picture!

    In response to your message, yeah, they're called VIPs. I'm also obsessed with T.O.P's hair and stare. But really, EXO-K and EXO-M are awesome. I can't decide which group I like better... they're actually really different. Looks like S.M. is shelling out a lot of money on them, so they must be expecting great things from them.
    Thanks so much for mentioning EXO. Turns out I love EXO, so thanks for introducing it to me. :> Are you by any chance a VIP?
    Thanks for the reply to my introduction! If you have any ideas or theories that you think are interesting feel free to discuss them with me at any time.
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