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  • It's his actions, gestures, and language that makes his show funny! :xd:
    I watch RWJ! Sometimes some smosh, but most of the time, I watch AVGN!
    Thank you.
    AHS is just an acronym for my high school, Alexander High School. I have heard about it, but I haven't seen it. What is it about?
    I'm doing pretty great, just being sad that everyone in the AHS Yu-Gi-Oh group is getting new cards, while I am not being part of the action.
    Thanks for the friend request! What made you decide to be my friend? :)
    Hahaha true dat,oh well
    1987 ones were the funniest,2003 were with most action and I guess they will make something creative for a new show.
    At least Jason Biggs (Jim) from American Pie is Leonardo and Sam from Lord of the Rings is Raphael :D
    Nope. I don't like it one bit. The designs are really horrible. Why do they insist on making everyone look like Popeye?
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