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What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

Jan 7, 2012
I have a dog named Herculies, hese a 4 year old ****zu poodle mix black and white. I have a cat named ashes......craziest cat iv ever seen. 2 rabbits, a big one named Martini and a super small one named Sensei. A really annoying rooster with a fro named Gibson. 2 goldfish named Lemonaids (who i won at a carnival...first throw!) and Tangerine. I had 5 ducks but they all got eaten by an owl :/


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Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
At my parents house I have two British Shorhair cats named Joris and Willem. Joris is the more silly one who doesn't want to be petted but likes to rub his face against mine. Willem is the lazy fat cat, but more affectionate than Joris. Even though I don't live at my parents house most of the week, I'm still high on the cats favorite list (probably because I give them their favorite food each evening when I'm at home...as the dutch saying goes: Love goes through the stomach instead of the heart...)

My real pets are my aquarium fish that I have for +/- 6 months now. I can sit and watch them swim around the whole day. I really enjoy the aquarium hobby and I hope the fish enjoy the aquarium as much as I do :P

A picture of my aquarium. It looks a bit empty, but I want to add some neon tetras in the future.

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Aug 15, 2011
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I have a crazy dog by the name of Bandit. He's 1 year old, and he's HUGE. We bought him thinking he was a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix, but now we think he's a Husky/Golden. His favorite thing to do is chew my stuff, eat, and run away. He always tries to escape to the point of digging holes under our fence -___- but we always manage to capture him before he gets to the main road. He's a derp but he's still a good dog. :3



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Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
Yes. I have a cat named Sorrow. He's grey, with a white belly and paws. He eats peoples hair and attacks their feet. I got him a few months ago, and named him Sorrow because he was so bad, that sorrow was all her brought me. :) My family call him Sorrow-kitty, or Mr. White Socks. He's cute, when he isn't making a mess of the house and ripping up shower curtains.


Sep 20, 2008
I sadly do not currently have a pet. Though I do love animals, my family would never allow it. For one, the poor thing would be left alone all day as there's no-one there to look after it during the day. It would destroy the house and possibly run away/be absolutely soaked/be stolen if left outside unattended regularly enough. I would love to have a dog. A big labrador. I'm fond of cats, but I do not like that they lack the loyalty and loving tendencies of dogs. Cats are more there to be fed and petted rather than to act as companions.

I have owned several low-maintenence animals in the past (such as hamsters) and looked after many higher maintenence ones such as dogs and cats (A horse one time as well), however I have never directly owned one.
Sep 10, 2011
I have one beautiful 3 year old Pitbull named Mia ^.^
She showed up at our backdoor one day . . . skinny, beaten, and even had a bb gun pellet in her ear . . . such a shame :\
BUT we've since cleaned her up, and now she lives happily with us, spoiled as can be :angel:
Dec 21, 2011
I have two dogs and one cat. My sister's dog is a Bichon Frise named Cody, and the other dog, my dog, is a Pomeranian named Truffles. Both of these dogs love me, but I'm no exclusive to their hearts. Both dogs love my whole family equally, so to me, I don't have a 'special' bond with them.

I'm fond of cats, but I do not like that they lack the loyalty and loving tendencies of dogs. Cats are more there to be fed and petted rather than to act as companions.

I beg to differ. My cat is a Maine Coon named Daisy. She is everything that I could ever hope for in a cat, no, a animal. She's loving, caring, loyal, smart, attentive, and comical. Most importantly though, she's only all of those things to me. She really does not like anybody else in my house. I have no idea why, but somehow she has identified with me over everyone else. She'll followsme around the house, when I sit in a room she'll lay right next to me or in my lap, she will bang on my door if it is closed so she can come in, all day while I am at school she sleeps in my room, and she goes to sleep right next to me every night (she is on my lap as I type this at 11:30 P.M.). She's more loving and loyal than any dog I've ever met.
Apr 2, 2011
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Am I the only one here that has a reptile? Anyhoo I got a female baby leopard gecko October 3,2009. Her name is Spit Fyre, She is so AWESOME!!!! Thinking about getting a male somtime...
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Jan 31, 2010
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I don't have pets. I live in a flat and if I wasn't heavily allergic to cats I would have taken on or maybe two. But that is not possible :( And a dog won't work either since I am always from home and when it would bark the whole block would sit straight up in their homes. And a rabbit, where do I leave it? I have a balcony but to leave it on the balcony...a storm and the cage would get destroyed
Jan 2, 2012
I have a dog named Jake. He was found by my cousins brother in law on his farm and he gave him to us. I really don't know what kind he is. At first I thought he was some kind of lab but the veterinarian said he wasn't at all. Maybe he's some German Shepherd mixed with something. What do you guys think?

We've had a lot of gerbils. In total, there was [in the order we got them] Felix ♂, Junie ♀, Max ♂, Buckeye ♂, Tanner ♀, Scamper ♂, Gus ♀, Niblet ♀, Violet ♀, Caramel ♂, Nutmeg ♀, Cinnamon ♀, and Poppie ♀. Most of them lived two or three at a time, but they're usually in separate cages. The last three listed are currently alive, and Nutmeg and Cinnamon are sisters, so they live together. It's quite adorable to watch them cuddle and groom each other.

I'm going to include some pictures of them, because they're so cute~
• In this picture, Nutmeg is on the top, and Cinny is on the bottom
• In this one, Cinnamon is on the left, and Nutmeg is on the right
A sleepy-looking Poppie
Poppie getting a drink of water

And since I consider my plants as pets [somewhat], I shall include pictures of them too.
• The majority here; the ones in the back left are actually going to be planted outside, as they're annual flowers and tomato plants [I'm just hepling take care of them]
My purple African Violets. My white violets are in the other picture, but they're not currently in bloom.
• I don't have a picture of my mom's Peace Lilies at the moment, but she neglects them, so I'll say they're mine.

I've also had Betta fish at some point, like, two years ago: Opal ♀, Luna ♀, Cici ♀, Cherry ♀, Frosty ♀

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