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What Do You Watch On Youtube!

Dec 19, 2011
CHUGGAACONROY AND TOBUSCUS. tobuscus sucks at lets plays but he is freakin HILARIOUS XD. chugga is funny too but knows what he's doing :)
Apr 15, 2012
On Youtube I watch anime picture videos, hair and nail tutorials, walkthroughs, and origami videos.


Jul 17, 2011
District Four; Panem
As someone who has spent at least 4000 hours whatching YouTube videos I must say that I love Smosh, MyMusicShow, shanedawson, Bree esrig, =3, brittanilousietaylor and a whole lot more.
Aug 7, 2011
Most of my subscriptions are of beauty guru's for hair and make up tutorials and such. Sort of embarrassing admitting that actually :O Other than that I go in the completely opposite direction with gaming related videos and of course music.

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