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  • Yeah, I've tried doing it after the Skyloft Silent Realm, tried doing it before going to fight Ghirahim & Demise and it still didn't show up haha.
    thank you very much lol i'll hold you to that to because i'm not tech savy at all. I'll let you know if i ever get that project off the ground though.
    yeah i'm hopeing to get more zelda crafting in my day and I'm also going to try and make a post videos on you tube on how to make the stuff and all that jazz.. though i have no clue on ho to use youtube! lol.
    you should!! lol though be warned: it's very addicting! Also it's very hazardous becuase you are working with 1000 degree heat and buring your self is to easy lol. I'm going to see if i can make some zelda beads lol.. i'm not that good yet but i'm going to dang sure try lol.
    it's sew, I do that to! lol. makeing glass beads is fun. what you do is you have to have your station set up with a torch( a hot head with a mep gas can hooked up to it), have the glass rods in the colours you want to work with ready and you mandril (thats a stainless steel rod to heat up and work the glass with) you light the torch and have at it..
    to tell you the truth it's such a long process and you have to take you time.. my beads always come out like crap because i never take my time but i'll get better.. they have things on youtube also if you wanted to see the process. lol i'm terrible at explaining things.
    that's cool, i have no clue on how to origami though, i can try to make a paper airplain though but thats as close as it gets lol. I do ALOT of crafts lol but that's mainly because i pick it up though my mom. Like rescesntly i've started to make glass beads because she has lol.
    Hello I saw that you commented on my blog and you said that you were crafty also lol. what kind of crafts do you do in your spare time?
    here you go

    and here is the link so you can use it

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