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What Do You Think It Would Be Like if the Zelda Series Never Existed?

Feb 15, 2011
In Hyrule Field
To me, The Legend of Zelda was the series that changed the way i played video games. think about it, OOT was the 3D blueprint for all modern games today such as targeting and especially RPG's in general. Also, don't yell at me if this is in the wrong thread. i thought it was supposed to go here. anyway tell me your thoughts.


Sage of Tales
Video games would have become a forgotten media, killed by the video game crash of the 80s'. LoZ was one of the key games that brought things back, if I am correct on my history.

Otherwise: The world would be a much sadder, less wonderous place.


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
I do not believe there would be many if any free roaming games today. Zelda started that trend, as well as the concept that games could be set up differently than the typical level, boss next level format. Or at least it might have taken much longer for others to attempt a roaming exploring game in large environments. It was also one of the very few non side scrolling games of it's era on the NES. Games having any other point of view besides simple side scroller may have come much later as well.

We may never have open exploring games like Fable or Grand Theft Auto, or do any more in a game outside of running through a very simple level to get to the boss. Zelda began the exploration for items and secrets deep in a large overworld.

Also Zelda was one of the first big series that helped Nintendo's rise to popularity. I cannot think of any other Nintendo title that was nearly as popular or influential enough to take up the slack without Zelda. Metroid and Kid Icarus were not quite different enough from the gameplay of Super Mario, and the other popular Nintendo series like Kirby or Pokemon were not invented yet. And they might not come about without Nintendo's early commercial success. They still would have sold systems as they were essentially the only game in town (most other consoles at the time were not even close in sales) but they might not have nearly as strong a library of Nintendo made games.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
If Zelda never existed? OHMYGOSH! I would die... DX

...actually I wouldn't, but I will be feel empty inside. Not to mention that I would have never been inspired to write stories that are geared more towards the fantasy genre. And there would be no other video game that I could play to fill up my need to play video games. Heck, I wouldn't be even playing video games in the first place since ALttP was the game that brought me into gaming. Then I wouldn't be writing Zelda fanfiction and nor would this Zelda site exist, and there wouldn't be no Zelda forums to talk Zelda on, and I would never be a member of a Zelda forum and met all these awesome friends and then I'd never be a staff member and then... *asplodes* ... <.<

...Anyway, ignoring my hyperness brought on by cotton candy and going back onto topic, without Zelda video gaming would be quite different. Games wouldn't be like the way they are now and wouldn't have the exploring factor put into them. Not to mention that there wouldn't be as many people playing them now, since Zelda games are usually what most gamers first play when they come into gaming, such as I was.
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Feb 16, 2011
to be brief
gaming wouldn't have or be the same anymore. even if we only had the arcade version, the story would inspire many game makers.
so simply, life wouldnt be the same


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Apr 28, 2011
Gaming wouldn't be the same, but it wouldn't be different.

If anyone else here is old enough to remember, the actual FIRST game of it's type was Atari 2600's "Adventure". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure_(Atari_2600).

It's by far, in my opinion, a little more difficult than some Zelda games I've played. I still have my original and it works about... 1/10 times I try to play it.... xD Although, you're simply a square running around, find a sword to defeat enemies, it was basically the pre-Zelda Zelda game.

To my knowledge, this was the actual first, top-down, exploring, puzzle solving (although the puzzles were really simple, ie fight your way to the east end to grab the key, fight your way to the west end to unlock the door, etc.), side quests, easter eggs, a variable inventory in which secondary items are stored, selected and used, "dungeon bosses", etc. that has evolved so much to what we now know and love. The simple fact is, though, that the basic formula for Zelda was already there.

If Nintendo hadn't created Zelda, it would be a different gaming world, if for nothing but the lack of Zelda, but it most likely wouldn't be really changed. Adventure was in the top 10 selling videogames of it's time and it wouldn't have been long before someone else expanded on the idea and profited. I'm just glad Nintendo did so we have the epic (and officially best) video game franchise Zelda today.

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If Zelda never existed this wonderful forum would have been here! and I would have been stuck at E rated games for the rest of my life! Zelda is the greatest game and I would cry if they stopped making them and killed link at the end (Yes I said it!)! Or if it never existed to! Zelda is my #1 recommended game to everyone around me and if we didn't have it I don't know what I would be recommending to my friends!

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